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    Konami OCDS Developing for OUYA?

    This is potentially some good news. I noticed a user named "Konami-OCDS" registered and posted on the Official OUYA developers forum. Anyone think this means that Konami may be bringing some games to OUYA? I did some research and Konami-OCDS looks to stand for: "Konami Digital Entertainment Orange County Development Studio"

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    Could be a good sign, but it wouldn't be the first time someone joins a forum with a name intended to cause excitement for a laugh.

    There are already some Konami titles on Android however...

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    Well, if the likes of Sega can jump to iOS I see no reason Konami/Sega etc can't push us some goodies on the Ouya.

    I am still holding out hope for official Sonic and Monkey Ball.

    Some Konami Magic would make it like Christmas all over again

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