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    How Contests Work

    OUYAForum contests are a way that developers can give back to the OUYA community. Developers are free to post contests, where they give away games to the community in return for taking different actions. Contests could be as simple as answering a question in their thread, to something more complicated as posting high scores for a game.

    If you have any questions about posting a contest here, or would like OUYAForum to post the contests on your behalf, please send me a PM.

    Please note that OUYAForum is not to be held liable or responsible for any contests posted by developers. We are not responsible for rewarding your prizes, the developers are.

    Thread Formatting
    - Thread Title should give minimum details and include end date.
    i.e. Win a Free Copy of XBMC Hub - Contest Ends 1/12/14"
    - Body of thread should include all the details of how to enter, along with end date, how the winner will be selected, and any other details needed.

    Once a contest has ended and a winner has been chosen, the thread should be closed.
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    With the introduction of Supporter exclusive contest upon us we're going to have more guidelines enabled for them due to various circumstances surrounding them.

    - An entry quota must be given when you make the contest. This quota is how many people have to participate in the contest. If the quota isn't reached by the end date of the contest then the contest must be reset for however many times it takes to get the quota fulfilled.

    - OUYAForum Staff members can't enter any of these contest unless they're Supporters. Ex-Staff members who have been given Supporter status as gifts for all their hard work are also not allowed to enter. This goes for other members who have been given Supporter statuses. Renewing their Supporter account with their own money will nullify this.

    - Members without Supporter accounts who post, undermine, or negatively post about Supporters and these exclusive contests will have their post(s) removed and will be infracted.

    - If you post in a contest thread with a Supporter account and it expires during the contest then it still counts. It won't count if the contest is reset though.

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    In an effort to keep this section from becoming cluttered and to keep contest/formatting standards up, every new contest not run by the OUYAForum Staff will require approval before being made live.

    You may still create a contest post and once it has been approved it will show up in this section. If you have any questions please message Killswitch, myself or any other Staff member of your choice.

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