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    Killing Floor Calamity OUYA EXCLUSIVE - Win a FREE Copy in this Thread



    Please PM me for your codes.


    Killing Floor: Calamity was just released on OUYA today! Better yet, I have been given 2 codes for a copy of the game on OUYA.

    I will pick 2 winners at random who respond to this thread by Monday December 23rd at 11am ET, with what they think of the game after watching the video below or trying the demo on the OUYA store:

    Here are some details on this awesome game:


    Killing Floor: Calamity is a re-imagined Arcade Shooter version of the original Killing Floor, the hugely successful and multi-million unit selling First Person Shooter that debuted on the PC in 2009. Tripwire Interactive happened to be working on a new Killing Floor spinoff game last year with Toadman Interactive when they connected with OUYA. Being an “indie” themselves, Tripwire loved OUYA’s “indie” spirit and were keen on working together. Designed as a top down shooter but maintaining the frenzied action DNA of the original version, Killing Floor: Calamity also focuses on the co-op “couch gaming” element and OUYA’s new console seemed like the perfect fit for the game. Killing Floor: Calamity takes place in the devastated cities and countryside of England, after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong. You and a friend are members of the military, dropped into these locations with a simple mission: survive long enough to cleanse the area of the failed experiments.

    The only problem is, these “experiments” aren’t waiting to be taken out – they’re coming for YOU!

    A new take on the smash PC hit Killing Floor, designed and built specifically for couch gaming on the OUYA in a top-down Arcade Shooter format!

    - Play 2 player Co-op on one screen - Now you can literally laugh in your friends' faces when they get chewed up by a Fleshpound!
    - 21 of your favorite characters from the PC version
    - All 10 Zeds from the Clot to the Husk are included and as dangerous as ever
    - 7 Perks upgradeable to Level 20 – Power up your Commando to the Dual Handcannon variant!
    - 9 new maps specifically designed for top down shooter mayhem
    - 35 unique weapons – including 3 special weapons (Golden AK47, Leafblower, Dual Mac-10)
    - Supports OUYA and PlayStation 3 controllers!

    F2T Version: The free version of Killing Floor: Calamity is fully functional and features one map from the full version – “Rooftop”
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    Yeah! Waited for this!!!

    I played more than 300 hours on the PC version!
    If you don't try, you'll never know.

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    I played it briefly this morning. It's a great game. The controls are solid and they did a good job of balancing the difficulty to keep the top-down style interesting. I would buy it immediately if there was online multiplayer. I guess we can cross our fingers and hope for that in the future, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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    The game looks pretty awesome, it looks like hours of fun with my friends.

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    seems like a pretty cool game and I can't wait to get home to try it out.

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    I love a good top down shooter.

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    170+ hours on the PC version. Throwing my name in the hat for a free copy. I have been waiting for this one. The trailer looks like it will be fun to play. The ouya needs more games that are fun with local multi, but also fun solo. This looks like it might fit the bill. Also: LODSAMONE

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    I would love to win this. But I think I can't wait long enough to continue playing this game. It's a purchase from me I'm afraid. Gotta make sure I support the devs from the off on this one. So please Eddie. Give it to some crazy person who's on the fence.

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    Based on the video it looks fun. I like the upgrades for weapons. It reminds me of the original GTA kind of like Zombie Driver HD does. I wish to be exempt from the contest though so others can get a better chance to win.

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    Awesome! Yet another answer to "But what's good on OUYA, anyway?"

    THIS. THIS is what's awesome on OUYA. This, and so many others.

    I love it. It reminds me of Left 4 Dead, but more top-down and with loads more customization!



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