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View Poll Results: How much do you think you would be willing to pay for the average OUYA Game?

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  • I won't pay anything

    4 3.15%
  • Less than $1.50

    5 3.94%
  • $1.51 - $3.99

    21 16.54%
  • $4.00 - $9.99

    59 46.46%
  • $10 - $20.00

    32 25.20%
  • $20.00 - $40.00

    6 4.72%
  • $40+

    0 0%
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    OUYAForum Admin Eddie K's Avatar
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    Jul 2012

    How much do you think you would be willing to pay for the average OUYA Game?

    I pose the question:
    How much do you think you would be willing to pay for the average OUYA Game?
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    I think it really depends on the game. Define "average". Are we talking a game like Canabalt or a game like Final Fantasy?

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    OUYAForum Admin Eddie K's Avatar
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    Jul 2012

    Average, as in, if you were to buy 20 games, what the average of those 20 would be. Sure it will include some higher end games as well as lower end games.
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    I'd say between 10 and 20 bucks ultimately as an 'average'. Some of the high end Android games are dirt cheap and could easily cost more. Something like Galaxy on Fire 2 sells for 20 on a PC, so I wouldn't complain about paying in that range on Ouya for a game of comparable quality and size.

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    I have supported OUYA on kickstarter and I am waiting for my OUYA now. I have bought it specifically to play fun, fast paced games with my friends and family - focusing on local multiplayer. I will not buy any high end games (never liked them on consoles - that is what I have my PC for) so I am looking for fun / simple games and I have voted for 1.50 - 4.00 range. I am willing to pay more (even going as far as 20) IF
    a) the game has regular updates (patches, bug fixes or actual new fun content to attract more players) and has a nice community
    b) DOES NOT include micropayments. - Let me pay for the game and please do not give me the DLC bullshit or pay to win stuff.

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    OUYA Fan Duetschbag's Avatar
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    Dec 2012

    I voted for the $4.00 to $9.99 price range. I can see paying more if we get some AAA titles that are nearly, if not comparable to, console quality games. Other than that, I would probably be paying closer to the $4.00 range and under for games that have a little wow factor but are basically high end apps that can be downloaded on an Android or iOS mobile device.

    Until OUYA has a strong community built after release and developers learn what the users expect from the console, it's really hard to say what we are willing to pay. If there are some truly awesome games upon release, this will help to drive the price up that people are willing to pay which will in turn help developers as well as (hopefully) increase the chances for bigger and better titles to come. If devs are pricing their games too low (like $.99 app store games) this will probably hurt because people will be expecting that low price point all the time.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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    I would say 40, I'm used to console and handheld prices so a brand new game typically cost 60 from an established company. But there are a lot of discounts from certain brick and mortar stores and online stores. Now if we are talking android and iOS games it would be around 5. Different markets I guess

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    Willing to pay $20 on average for high quality games.

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    By the nature of the Ouya and the OS(android) used, people may think they will find the prices you normally see on google play store, but again the ouya IS a console so we could find really fine games given the promised power of the console, so i would say, from the type of Minis ($0.99 to $2.99 ) to the type that are and will feel like Ouya Blockbusters ($8.00 to $20.00 maybe) the truth will bring it the quality of content that will have the ouya

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    Administrator James Andrew Coote's Avatar
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    Oct 2012

    I wouldn't pay anything for an average game. Since every Ouya game has to have a free component, I'd hopefully find out it was only average before I had to stump up the cash to try it.

    An exceptional one, I might pay £10 - £15 (which I guess is about $15 - $25), which is what I'd pay for a good indie game on steam.

    A good game, or game that has fun multiplayer that is quick for friends to learn when they're all round my place and we're looking to play together, maybe £1 - £5 (about $2 - $8)

    I generally avoid F2P games, as I have an addictive nature, and I'll be extending that to Ouya
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