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    Myth Defense: LF - Smartpix Games

    This thread is for the discussion of Myth Defense: LF. (note to developer - send me a private message if you would like to edit this thread)

    "Myth Defense: Light Forces" has the best elements of tower defense games and includes different original features. It speaks 6 languages, supports Android, IOS, Windows Phone... And now it comes to OUYA!
    Full version features in brief: 4 basic + 3 DLC maps, Battle and Campaign modes, random map generator, 2 independent profiles (Advanced and Casual), Alchemy (tower-amplifiers), terrain features, 33 hardness levels, online leaderboards.
    Support: [email protected]

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    Love this game! Now this is a standard tower defense game with RPG styled characters/units.

    Really addicting, my only complaint would be that the levels last a little bit too long and tend to drag on a bit. Besides that, amazing!

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    I used to play this on my android phone, I'll check it out.
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    Completed the campaign twice already. Still keep coming back for more as it gets progressively harder and harder. The challenge is the most addictive element. But also a couple of the maps in the campaign are fantastic! I've actually enjoyed the tougher levels which really limit the amount of towers you can place and cause you to go all out from the very start.

    Levels can be long, but with enough confidence in your placement, you can boost the speed up to maximum and just watch the fast pace massacre.

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    My first Ouya software purchase, love Tower Defense games. This one is worth 4 bucks, don't regret it.
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