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    GLBasic -
    MonkeyX -

    Both languages/engines compile for Android (including OUYA). There are numerous examples of games created with these on the Discover Store, including Genius Greedy Mouse, AquaVenture and all of Jayenkai's stuffage.
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    Now available on OUYA

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    Hello Everyone,

    I've created a new marketing service specifically for game developers. Follow the link to read the explanation of services.

    To summarize, I basically run an ad campaign for 6 game developers at a time. Each developer contributes $50. I put together a campaign using and $300.90 will get about 1.25 million impressions on 8 different game sites. Even with only a 1% click-through rate, that's about 12,500 visitors.

    The ad will take visitors to a landing page on my website that has a Youtube video composed of 6, 10 second clips, one for each game. Below that is a description and link to each website along with a twitter feed that displays tweets from each developer. Go here to see an example of the landing page

    I do not charge any fees for my services. The $50 goes directly to buying ad space.

    If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line:

    Eric Vest

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    I'm using a wonderful game engine that can export to Android, iOS, WIndows, MacOSX, Linux, HTML5, 3DS.
    You can develop on it if you have Linux, MacOSX, or Windows- although I'm sure if you compile it from source it would work on other *nix, like FreeBSD. (Linux support is the selling point for me...)
    It's Free/Open-Source (MIT License), 2D/3D, Unity-like, has a scene/node system, and it's homebrew Python-like programming language.
    There may not be a wealth of documentation, but there's just enough.

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    HTML5 now supported -

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    Couple of music track sites: (Submitted by Jayenkai)
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    Gonna copy and paste a thread I made a while back, though this was before I knew this thread existed.
    Support theOuya Magazine I'll be making! Also go by and get my comics they are available on Amazon and Lulu!

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