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    SharkSketch - shark apps, LLC

    This thread is for the discussion of SharkSketch on Ouya. (note to developer - send me a private message if you would like to edit this thread)

    Create colorful sketches on your TV screen with the help of SharkSketch on OUYA. The simple controls make it easy for anyone to get started drawing on OUYA instantly!

    Pro features can be unlocked through in-app purchase:
    - Change brush size
    - Undo
    - Save
    - Feature updates

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    Isn't it a little difficult to draw with a controller? I have yet to install the application and try it myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mockingbird View Post
    Isn't it a little difficult to draw with a controller? I have yet to install the application and try it myself.
    I imagine it can't be too bad considering what Starfighter did. Look at his thread here and take a look.

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    It is definitely not as easy to draw on OUYA as it is with a touch-based interface, but it is still fun! I developed SharkSketch and am excited to hear your feedback and see your creations. Thanks to Starfighter for posting some of his masterpieces!

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    After looking at that thread, I was curious into seeing what the application was like. Temptation got the best out of me and I tried the free version. I like it. I have only encountered a small number of issues, like the cursor slowly moving by itself or the Go Pro! message randomly appearing (I assume it is a bug). One feature that you might like to implement in the future is the ability to control the cursor speed. I personally feel that the cursor is a bit too fast. Maybe if you include an option to lower or increase the speed, it would satisfy the personal tastes of various users. Just a suggestion

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    Great suggestion, Mockingbird. Some kind of speed control feature is something I am already thinking about and am likely to add in a future update. I think it will greatly help when trying to draw fine details.

    I have not seen the issue with the cursor moving by itself. Early on, I had to filter out some noise from my own controller that should prevent that kind of behavior, but there might be different issues with different controllers. I would be interested to know under what conditions you see this and if you have noticed it on any other OUYA apps. Thanks so much for reporting it!

    The Go Pro! message should only appear when you try to use one of the locked features. If it is coming up any time other that, it sounds like a bug and any details would be helpful.

    I am really glad you tried it out and liked it!

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    I notice that the cursor moves by itself sometimes when I run a curve with the left analog stick on the OUYA controller. Switching directions, going left and then turning down immediately and letting go of the stick, for example, also seems to trigger this. Drawing full circles and letting go of the left analog stick seems to trigger it as well. It slowly slides towards the direction it was going or a direction close to it. The Go Pro! message was probably my mistake. I pressed a few buttons when I was trying to figure out what button does what.

    You are welcome. ^^

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    New 1.1 update just released!

    SharkSketch v1.1 has just published!

    With this update, everyone will now be able to better control the brush by using the right trigger to control the speed. I have found it to be a big improvement in my own sketches. Everyone also gets an improved color palette that has lighter shades of colors, which was sorely missing previously. Some of the controls have been changed and a new menu is used for more commands.

    Pro (paid) users get shape, line and curve tools (fill and no-fill). The tools are fun to use and make it easy to create more structured designs on the screen. The Pro features continue to be available for the same low price through the end of October!

    One more thing...I just had to add some music to spice things up a little bit, but if it just isn't your thing, your can turn it off in the options menu. I find it helps on those long, slow draws across the screen.

    I am really excited to see how people use the new update to improve on their artwork. Please share some of your creations on this thread. Have fun using it and as always, please let me know if you run into trouble!



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