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    Mashballs - JenotsCom

    we are Jenots, making some mobile games, and now finished porting our most popular game Mashballs - to OUYA.

    Mashballs is an arcade like puzzle, where you can control ball with a magnets using Left Stick.

    Main game objective is to smash all the mocking balls and collect points (to complete level perfectly) by overcoming different obstacles, accelerating on super bouncers and using gravity switches.

    The game is completely free to complete, and you can purchase in game currency to use on some additional power ups, if you get stuck, or earn that currency by completing levels.

    Here is a quick video about Mashballs:

    It was really fun to redesign the game interface, especially interaction with the ball on OUYA controller.


    So check it out and let us know what you think
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    Hi! I'm sorry I didn't make it in time for the Game of the week-thread before it got locked. I picked it up and played it for half an hour and here's what I thought:

    * The controls are very smooth and... just work. Meaning I didn't even notice them - which is a good thing.
    * It started off very simple and slowly became more intricate which I like.
    * The balls are very cute. My girlfriend disagrees with me on this point as she hated the way they look.

    And that was pretty much it. We didn't run into anything that stopped us from having fun, the only downside lays within myself as I tend to get rather bored of these games if I play longer than half an hour in one sitting. That's why I didn't make it in time in the mentioned thread, I wanted to play it some more. But I guess that's also to be expected, you did after all develop Mashballs for mobile platforms, and I can absolutely see how this would be very popular as such. An easygoing pick up and play-title. Nice!

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    Thank you for your feedback, and as we see by result, then yes, probably plain mobile games are not really meant for micro console platforms.
    Still coming up with game that could cover both worlds is an interesting challenge, the one that we accept and will try harder with next games.
    Thank you for your feedback


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