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    CLARC - GoldenTricycle

    Hey guys,

    this is Felix from GoldenTricycle. We are an indie team from Berlin, and have now for two years been working on our very first title. So, I'd like to show you a little something of CLARK, that will be released next Tuesday (September 10th).

    CLARK is a crossbreed. While the main gameplay focusses on spatial puzzles involving moveable laser-bending boxes and energy flow, it also features acarde-style action a in a vivid environment. Everything is connected by a dense story, told in cutscenes and dialogs with numerous NPCs throughout the game.

    Our main character, Clark, is a working bot in a nuclear missiles factory on Mars. Ever since the main computer, "Father", has disappeared, the factory has fallen into chaos. Without any orders, the other workbots discovered that drinking diesel (instead of properly refuling through their bottom inlet) would dramatically improve both their mood and their ability to dance to cheap techno music, so nobody is working anymore. Shortly after Clark falls in love with the sexy atomic bomb, Clara, a hostile Mothership apears, threatens to disarm the factory and kidnaps Clark's newely found love. On a quest to save the facility and Clara, Clark puzzles himselft through 25 levels (containing more than 100 puzzles) from the factory to the sewers to the surface of mars and into the intruding spaceship itself.

    A couple of months ago, we've put together a developer's video for the OUYA, check it out to see some old but moving images:

    For more info, like us on Facebook and Twitter and visit our developer's blog.

    We hope you like what you see so far.
    Looking forward to your feedback!


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    AW: CLARK - An actiony puzzle adventure. With drunk robots.

    Feine Sache! I'm really looking forward to this, you're one of the first few studios that introduce a worthwhile singleplayer experience to the OUYA. Great game, great timing.

    And I feel strangely proud that you're a German studio... Komisches Gefühl.

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    Definitely checking this out. I like actiony puzzle adventure games. Add in drunk robots in the mix and you have me sold.

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    This is gonna be so cool. You gotta love robots.
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    Love the graphics :3

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    Everytime I see it I hear Wall-E's voice
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    Love the visual style, can't wait to give it a try (and most likely buy haha)

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    Oh and: download tomorrow, test the game and if you like it, support us. We have a special offer on release day!

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    This looks brilliant.

    Going to give it a go after work tonight.

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    spain lenguage?

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