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    Critter Rollers - The Rampant Mango Collective

    Critter Rollers is a 100% free, easy to control platform adventure game across multiple zany worlds. Control the numerous critters with a prod of a button to make them jump across hazards and fire them from multiple types of canons so they can collect the treats and reach the donut exit, just like in real life!

    • Simple controls
    • Loads of levels
    • Free!



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    Critter Rollers wasn't really made for Ouya or a TV, controller based system, but I thought I would port it over anyway. It's a simple game but can be a bit of fun. I hope some people get some enjoyment out of it.

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    Just curious, where is the music from?
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    Hello rampantmango, Thank you for bringing it to Ouya and 100% free that was very generous of you sir. I am enjoying this little game of yours and appreciate the hard work that went into it and i really like that you added online leaderboards and achievements it all works really well. Thank you mate, i recommend everyone downloads and gives a thumbs up. Now i am going back to play it again :-)


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