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    Esperanto-radio Muzaiko - Chuck Smith

    Listen to 9 radio stations in the international language of Esperanto on your TV for free!

    Esperanto-radio Muzaiko is the first app for the OUYA game console in a language other than English. This app gives you access to 9 radio stations in the international language of Esperanto on your television from the comfort of your couch. These stations come from all over the world, from Australia to Cuba, and even the Vatican! Also featured is the international Internet radio station Muzaiko, which broadcasts Esperanto music, interviews and news non-stop.

    Esperanto-radio Muzaiko lets you listen to the latest content from these stations or dig into their archives to access specific programs. Some interesting examples:
    - Interview with Kimo J. Henriksen, native Esperanto speaker and well-known singer (Varsovia Vento).
    - Swedish train conductors took off their pants at work (Radio Verda).
    - Protect Japan against tsunamis (Pola Retradio).
    - Arkones, an Esperanto cultural festival in Poland (Kaliningrada E-radio).
    - The latest Esperanto artists and albums (Vinilkosmo).

    The OUYA app came about as an international cooperation between Chuck Smith (American) and Jacob Nordfalk (Danish). In December 2011, Jacob launched the Android version of the app, which is currently available on the Google Play store for Android phones and tablets. He made the code open source and freely available through Google Code. All communications between the two developers were in Esperanto.

    The radio station Muzaiko was founded by a workgroup at the British Congress of Esperanto in April 2011 with a common vision to create a 24/7 online radio station in Esperanto. The team quickly grew and chose the name Muzaiko, a combination of the Esperanto words “mozaiko” and “muziko.” They started broadcasting in July 2011, offering a 3-hour program repeated throughout the day, containing at least an hour of fresh content everyday.

    Complete list of Esperanto stations:
    - Muzaiko (International)
    - Pola Retradio (Poland)
    - 3ZZZ en Esperanto (Australia)
    - Radio Havano Kubo (Cuba)
    - Radio Vatikana (Vatican)
    - Radio Verda (Canada)
    - Varsovia Vento (Poland)
    - Kaliningrada E-radio (Russia)
    - Vinilkosmo (France)

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    Mi lernas la lingvon de esperanton. Danko vi por la softvaro!

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    "I am learning esperanto language. Thanks for the software!".

    Yep, I studied a little too... ^^
    virtus junxit mors non separabit

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    There is some pretty cool music on here occasionally even if you don't know a word of Esperanto.

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    If you'd like to play an OUYA game in Esperanto, you also might like to try Poker Solitaire, which can be played in Esperanto as well as English, French, German and Spanish.

    Esperanto screenshots:
    Try out Poker Solitaire for OUYA!

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