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    New 7/25/13 update killed wifi

    After the update there is no longer any wifi menu at all in the setting and the option to turn ethernet on and off is also gone. Also in the ouya launchers network menu the wifi networks are also just missing and pressing the y button takes you only to ethernet settings. Is this only me or did they forget to put wifi back in the update. I cant find a way to change the wifi settings at all throught the basic menu im gonna go ahead and see if i can do it through esfilemanger task/battery tool so ill report back when i get a chance. But could someone confirm this is only me or is this a widespread deal.

    Edit: this is by design if the ethernet cable is plugged in it will disable wifi and vise versa. I really wish this would've been an option because it seems now we are limited on what we can use the wifi for for example a connection sharing system is no longer possible or if you wanted to use the wifi to direct connect to a device to send midi over wifi cant do it if you still want the internet connection. Hopefully this is just a quick fix and a much better solution will be implemented later.
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    Re: New 7/25/13 update killed wifi

    It was the first thing I've checked after update and I have no wifi settings too. Not good.

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    Still got wifi settings so maybe try shuttign down and restarting the console.

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    If you have the ethernet cable plugged in the wifi setting disappear if you unplug it the setting will come back. I think they did this to address the problems connecting to wifi when your already connect with a cable but that seams a little silly of a way to do it just let use turn the switch to off without it going back when you close the menu.

    I wonder why they decided to completely get rid of the menus dependent on what conection your using I was kinda under the impression that if i wanted to use this things as a wireless router i was free to now i have to chose between one of the other. This kinda seems like a setting that should be enabled by an option to handle it like this or be able to use both if you please.

    Merged your posts. Use the edit button next time. Thank you.
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    Re: New 7/25/13 update killed wifi

    Yeah, I figure it out. The truth is sometimes it caused a problem with internet connection when I pressed network menu accidentally and wifi turned on while I was on a cable.

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    Yes I was always fighting with it when i would choose ethernet and it would auto connect back to lan i finally made it forget the wifi key so it couldnt connect even if it wanted to and it had no choice to use ethernet. I just wish they would allow you to turn off wifi without it turning back on when you exited the menu that wouldve solved all the problems.

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    My ethernet is no longer working after the update. I turned off wifi with a widget and still no access to my NAS through XBMC. Does my ethernet have to have internet in order for the Ouya to recognize it, because I don't have internet through my router, it's just for my NAS for XBMC.

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    How does one turn on/off their wifi if the option is now gone? I prefer mine off all the time.
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    Wifi is off by default if you have the ethernet plugged in.

    This is great for general use, but there are certain sideloaded apps that won't use ethernet! Oh well, I still think it's an improvement over all as having both ethernet and wifi on at all times caused problems.

    It's funny, the update crashed my internet and I really freaked out until after 10 minutes of working with the OUYA I went on my computer and found out I had no internet...

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    Re: New 7/25/13 update killed wifi

    Quote Originally Posted by Sluup View Post
    How does one turn on/off their wifi if the option is now gone? I prefer mine off all the time.
    I think a lot of people are failing to understand what has occurred to you and I and others.

    With Ethernet disconnected and after forgetting all Wi-Fi networks, I still have no Wi-Fi on/off switch and no Ethernet menu at all. If I connect an Ethernet cable nothing happens, even with plugging it in while the OUYA is totally powered off.

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