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    Opposites - Dannobot Games

    Opposites is a multiplayer falling blocks games, where both players are on the same playing field. One player is white on a black background, the other player is black on a white background, and they play in each others negative space. You can work together to blow up your combined score, or just try to pwn your buddy. There is also an AI Bot for single-players that is actually pretty fun to play against.

    This is a port of a game I released several years ago for Xbox Live Indie Games. It looks pretty basic, but I've been working hard to get the Opposites gameplay super crispy and it's REALLY fun. The trial mode is limited to 3 minute games, but you can own the full version for only three bucks.

    Thanks for taking a look. Cheers!

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    Re: Opposites - Dannobot Games

    Is the multiplayer local/online or both?

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    It's just local. But a good fun sort of local.

    I was a bit evil tonight against the mrs. A hard day at work with some whingy customers meant I was on a more competitive mood. The mrs wanted the more co-op approach with score taking the forefront. Let's just say it didn't end well.

    A good simple game though. I promised Dan I'd buy this, and I have. Even the AI can put up a good fight, which is something I've enjoyed so far. I quite like the fact it'll go agressive if you do and it's a matter of sometimes changing tact on the fly to get the best of it. Either in a score sense or in an attempt to just run it out of room.

    Well worth what I've paid. I can certainly see myself playing it for some time to come.

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    Re: Opposites - Dannobot Games

    Local is the one that matters to me anyway so that's good to hear. Thanks for answering.

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    Well done, a cool variation of Tetris so I bought it yesterday



    If you play it Offline, the game returns to the "Demo" status with only 3 minutes play.

    I bought it for multiplayer local offline play, so now I bought a useless thing.
    Please, developer, free that game from the DRM.

    2nd EDIT:
    From Facebook, developer just told me he'll remove that DRM.
    Last edited by Outlander999; 07-29-2013 at 01:07 PM.
    If you don't try, you'll never know.

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    Hi all, yeah I'm working on an update to clean up the purchasing & receipt stuff.
    I'll make sure to post on here and let yall know when it's live on the Ouya storefront, prolly in a week or two

    Thanks for playing!!!

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    Jun 2013

    Yo, just thought I drop yall a heads up...
    Just pushed the update for local offline play It should be available next time you start the game.

    Thanks again for playing!


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