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    Glad to hear its working well for you. Always great to hear positive feedback.
    Nostalgia 2.5.9 is published in Discover

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    For some reason Nostalgia opens Snes9x EX+ emu but does not load the game i clicked on? it just takes me to the main menu of Snes9x ?
    anyone know why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevmagnus View Post
    Hello - Just purchased this a few days ago - I saw many recommendations, and I am happy I listened. This definitely helps sort through potential fun, and get to the game you want. Thank you for creating this awesome app.

    a little help please - I noticed that the game battletoads for nes does not show up in the games list. I have fetched multiple times, and no file extensions are hidden. the extension is .nes, and most of the other games seem to come up. (I can't tell if this is one file or many that is affected.) If I go to an emulator directly, without nostalgia, it is in the games list. Please advise how I can fix this issue? Thank you

    I'm having the same issue with a different game... Lolo 1... My Battletoads comes up fine though... Hmm, maybe it's just a bad rom? Gonna tinker more this week

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    Is there a way to buy your application now?


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