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    Super Robot Space Fight! - Tyrus Peace

    Hey everyone! My game Super Robot Space Fight! has been on the OUYA store for a week or so, but I finally got a big bug fixin' update out for it so I decided to tell you all about it now. It's a 1-4 player platformer/shooter with planetoid gravity where teams of robots hunt monsters to earn coin for new weapons while attempting to blow up each other's ships and win the game. I started working on it for CREATE a few months back and have been working on it since. The game is an OUYA exclusive, and is free.

    Here's a big image I made to tell folks about Super Robot Space Fight!

    Campaign/coop mode supports 1-4 players.

    Versus mode supports 2-4 players.

    There are robots with mustaches.

    The game currently has 3 versus levels and an arcade-style survival campaign where you can keep playing against increasingly difficult enemies to try and get a high score. You can do cool stuff like using gravity to slingshot yourself across the level and dash attacking mech walkers to knock them on their bums.

    Super Robot Space Fight's dev log
    Gameplay video from CREATE. Old but it gets the point across!

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    Looks interesting soon as my ouya gets here on Thursday i'll have to give it a try

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    Great game! had a lot of fun playing with a friend


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