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    OUYA Week in Review Video #3 -

    Check out this weeks OUYA Week in Review video!

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    Very nice guys! Excited for anything that will be a sandbox style game!

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    Not too much info, but I for one appreciate you taking the time to do something. Looking forward to next week.

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    Hey men please cut your hair.

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    One thing that bugs me about this is you mention a game, and then you say something like "Not sure what that is"...seriously, if your going to cover that kind of stuff, you need to at least read about it a little bit so you can fill in your viewers. And that is especially important for times like right now when there isn't much going on for ouya, it helps create some content to talk about. But other than that, I like that you guys are making an effort to do something like this, pretty cool. Also, just wondering, why is the side camera's coloring different from the main one?

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    Hey Guys, I'd address some of your concerns.
    Elephant: We apologize if you dislike the length of our hair, but that's not changing.

    Moltar: We apologize for the lack of info and research, as stated in the video, we were very busy. In fact we were lucky to fit the video into our schedule, it was just a fault of this week. But it will certainly be worth it, as we have a big review for November 2nd, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    And for an unknown reason, our two cameras pick up lighting differently.

    Thank you for watching, and check out all of our future videos/movies.


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