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    Igloo Command DELUXE - Robysoft

    Hi everybody! I'm happy to announce that Igloo Command DELUXE, a retro arcade-style romp, is now available FREE on OUYA!

    The game is inspired by the classic Atari game Missile Command but features more fast-paced, frenetic gameplay complete with powerups, easter eggs, and a thumpin' soundtrack!

    For you developers out there, you may be interested to know that Igloo Command DELUXE was built with the Corona SDK, and may be the first or one of a very small number of games built with Corona to make it to OUYA so far due to the still maturing support for Corona games on OUYA.

    I do plan on updating the game as time goes on and the Corona platform's support for OUYA matures, so if you have any thoughts or feedback I would love to hear it. Igloo Command DELUXE is also available on iOS and is coming to Android devices soon.

    Any downloads and 'thumbs ups' are appreciated!


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    Gonna give this game a try later today. Looks pretty interesting
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