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    American Dream - Distractionware

    This thread is for the discusison of American Dream.
    A collaboration with Stephen Lavelle (increpare), Jasper Byrne and Tom Morgan-Jones.

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    Loved this.

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    I like this game but it's way too short. It's like a 30 minute game. If it can be expanded on this could be a sleeper hit.

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    I couldn't put this stupid game down! Nice snark on American capitalism. I do agree that this could be quite impressive with more to it.

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    Def. way too short - and would love to do more at the house in terms of picking up chicks, people who I invite to my house for parties to exchange stock tips, and moving into bigger places - etc. Also, if people start greasing me for $$$ that could be cool. I LOVED the parties.

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    Re: American Dream - Distractionware

    You guys have made me very interested in this title.

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    I loved it too. Is this only for OUYA? or is there some other version that came before it?

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    @Nathan it's originally a flash game. I loved it as well!

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    Looks and sounds very interesting .I will try later this week.

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    Just dl it and couldn't stop playing it until I got a million! Very addictive, but yes too short but good fun while it lasted! Props to the dev!


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