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    Game DRM Model Info

    I'm starting to contact OUYA game developers to get information on DRM to keep would be buyers informed on what to expect after purchase. I would appreciate some help in this area. If you've already purchased a game and are aware of how it's DRM is handled, please post the info here and I will add it to this post. Or if you'd like to help in contacting game developers to get the low-down on their DRM post the replies here.

    Info that will be needed is game name, the developer name, where it's currently located in the OUYA Store (Sandbox, Genre, etc.) and its DRM scheme. I will add information as I am informed.

    Note: The orange names are actually links that leads to the thread of that said game/app. Grey names don't have threads.

    Name Developer Location DRM
    100 Rogues WesPaugh Role-Playing, Retro, Arcade/Pinball Previous game purchases are remembered. No always online-requirement at present.
    24 Locks Gamedisciples Sandbox Unknown
    2600.emu - (Atari 2600 emulator) Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    2player 2.0 2play Software Sandbox Unknown
    3D Street Racing FZE Racing Unknown
    4Karaoke on OUYA TriceraSoft Unknown Unknown
    4th & Goal Football Ryan Dale Sandbox DRM-Free
    8Bit Ninjas Ethan Redd Sandbox Unknown
    A BIT OF FIST OF AWESOME I Fight Bears Fight!, Arcade/Pinball, Retro Unknown
    A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks Frima Studio FPS/Shooter, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    A Zombie Stole My Toaster ThePodge Unknown Unknown
    Abbigale and the Monster Renegadeware Short on Time? DRM-Free
    Acid Trip Smithereens Games Short on Time?, Adventure, Unknown
    Accidental Spelunking Oooweeooo Inc Sandbox Unknown
    Addicted to Words EyeSix Games Sandbox Unknown
    Addiction Borja Unknown Unknown
    Adrenaline Hybrid Games Unknown Unknown
    Air Pressure Bentosmile Unknown Unknown
    Airstrike NJUN STUDIOS Unknown Unknown
    Aex the Alien Offworld Software Unknown Unknown
    Alien Zombie Soul Hunter Hotcookie Ltd Unknown Unknown
    Always be Shipping Portabliss (James Hostetler) Sandbox Unknown
    Amazed Bouncing Ball Games Unknown Unknown
    American Dream Distractionware Unknown Unknown
    AmpGear treeCL Sandbox Unknown
    Another World DotEmu Unknown Unknown
    Antichromatic Arkeus Unknown DRM-Free
    Arc Hypercane Studios Unknown Unknown
    Arena of Heroes Sneaky Games Unknown Unknown
    Around the Rock Disc Golf Tribaloid Sports, Sim/Strategy Unknown
    Ascent of Kings Nostatic Software Unknown Unknown
    Asteroid Soccer 2014 Cyborg Dino Unknown Unknown
    Astro Fighter Alpha Brrapp Games Unknown Unknown
    Astronaut Rescue Octograb Studio Sandbox Unknown
    Atabee (Atari ST Emulator) absence Unknown Unknown
    AutoPilot Jon Bonazza App DRM-Free
    Avoid This Asteroid! Carlos Fernandez Musoles Unknown Unknown
    AVP: Evolution Fox Digital Entertainment Unknown Unknown
    Bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronn tuonnthunntrovarrhounawns kawntooho Terry Cavanagh FPS/Shooter Unknown
    Bacteria™ Arcade Edition SinisterSoft/Anthony Ball Retro, Arcade DRM-Free, has an upgrade to get past certain stage
    Badass vs Hipsters Sos Sosowski Unknown Unknown
    Ballistic SE Radiangames Unknown Unknown
    Bandit Skies TD Programming Unknown Unknown
    BarleyBreak Alex Sandbox Unknown
    Bastonnade Nextmap Studio Unknown Unknown
    Beast Boxing Turbo Goodhustle Studios, Inc. Sports, Fight! Online verification at startup
    Beat Bros Ultimate Walrus Sandbox Unknown
    Beat Time Not so Generic Unknown Unknown
    Bermuda Dash Cosmic Interactive Unknown Unknown
    Biniax2 pelya Unknown Unknown
    Bio Blocks Grenade Games Unknown Unknown
    Bionauts Online Hawk-i Games Fight!, Play w/Friends Unknown
    bitDungeon KintoGames Unknown Unknown
    Black Hole Dufgames FPS/Shooter, Action, Dual-stick Preview version is DRM Free. In the full version the developer is aiming for a one-time check on purchase, then saving that state locally, but re-checking again if online.
    Black Square Ghost Pixels Unknown Unknown
    Blob Denis Kolesnichenko Unknown Unknown
    Blobby Nooskewl Sandbox, but will be in All Ages, Short on Time?, Arcade/Pinball DRM-Free
    Block Doctor Monolith Limited Unknown Unknown
    Block Push Championship Increpare Unknown Unknown
    BlockSlider Sliding puzzle for OUYA Unknown Unknown
    Blue Board Alienman Tech App Unknown
    Bobby Nooskewl All Ages, Short on Time?, Arcade/Pinball DRM-Free
    Bomball E McNeill Sandbox Unknown
    BombSquad Eric Froemling Play w/Friends, Fight! Unknown
    Booking Revolution MDickie Unknown Unknown
    BoomBoom Brian's Games Unknown Unknown
    BoomYA! BOSSDOG GAMES Unknown Unknown
    Boost 2 Jonathan Lanis Unknown Unknown
    Boulder Jape Johanw123 Unknown Unknown
    Box Cat Wild Rooster Unknown Unknown
    Bridge Distractionware Unknown Unknown
    Brotherhood of Violence realtech VR Unknown Unknown
    Brutal Arena Gareth Lockett Unknown Unknown
    Bubbliminate Voxoid Unknown Unknown
    bubblr - dummy in trouble Heavily Loaded Games Arcade/Pinball, Platformer, FPS/Shooter, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Bullet Time Distractionware Unknown Unknown
    Bullfist Distractionware Limited Sandbox Unknown
    Bunibon 2 Ludosity Platformer, All Ages Unknown
    Busted Pim Entertainment Unknown Unknown
    C64.emu Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    Canabalt HD Kittehface Software Platformer, Short on Time? Unknown
    Cardsharp The Bureau of Memetic Engineering Unknown Unknown
    Cars And Guns 3D Evil Indie Games Unknown Unknown
    Cherokee Animals OUYA Michael Joyner Unknown Unknown
    Chomper Deluxe OMGWTFGAMES !1!! Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Choplifter HD inXile entertainment Unknown Unknown
    ChronoBlade nWay Role-Playing, Fight!, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Clam Digger Spoonweaver Studios Unknown Unknown
    CLARK GoldenTricycle Unknown Unknown
    Climbing Chaos The Co Studio Sandbox Unknown
    Clock Ossi Hanhinen Sandbox Unknown
    Comics Reader OUYA Edition! TripleXXXBalla Sandbox DRM-Free / Price is also free.
    Command Crisis: Callsign Ariah Studios LLC Retro, Play w/Friends, Arcade/Pinball, FPS/Shooter Unknown
    Consoul Ian Preston Unknown Unknown
    Cosmic Conquest BOSSDOG GAMES Unknown Unknown
    Counter Action Unfoil Unknown Unknown
    Crazy Cat Lady SmallRock Software Unknown Unknown
    Crest Of War WarveneGames Unknown Unknown
    Critical Missions: SWAT Studio OnMars FPS/Shooter, Dual Stick, Play w/Friends Unknown
    Critter Rollers The Rampant Mango Collective Unknown Unknown
    Crunchyroll The Official Source for Anime & Drama - Crunchyroll Inc. Unknown Unknown
    Cube and Creature Evgiz Unknown Unknown
    Cyberdeck Lonewolf Studios Unknown Unknown
    Cyber Solstice Unknown Unknown Unknown
    Cyclone Frenzy! Zebralightning Studios Unknown Unknown
    Dark Space Rings David Reichelt Unknown Unknown
    Dawn Earth Episode 1 IndieHex FPS/Shooter, Short on Time?, Dual Stick Unknown
    Dead Rushing HD Dancing Cat Development Unknown Unknown
    Deadly Dungeons Code Zombie Unknown Unknown
    December 21st Keeplay Game Studios Unknown Unknown
    Deep Dungeons of Doom Bossa Studios Role-Playing, Retro Unknown
    Def OMGWTFGAMES !1!! Unknown Unknown
    Demolition Derby Reloaded Nelson Studios Unknown Unknown
    Dig! Tasty Poison Games Unknown Unknown
    Diversion Unknown Unknown
    Dodgebrawl Blair Pearson Unknown Unknown
    Dogfight Echoboom Unknown Unknown
    Don't Eat Soap! Hamster Republic Unknown Unknown
    Don't Fall in the Hole Oooweeooo Inc Unknown Unknown
    Don't Flip Out spinalcode Unknown Unknown
    Don't Look Back Distractionware Unknown Unknown
    DONUT GET! Sokay LLC Sandbox Unknown
    Doomsday Zombies Ameon Entertainment Dual Stick Unknown
    Double Road Cosmic Barrel Unknown Unknown
    Douya sleep? NJUN Studios Sandbox Unknown
    Drawing Universe Alex Tritt Games Unknown Unknown
    Dropchord Double Fine Unknown Unknown
    Dubwars Helium Interactive LLC Retro, Dual Stick Unknown
    Dungeon Bandits Hill Devil Unknown Unknown
    Duplicity TacoGraveyard Unknown Unknown
    Dweebs Software Amusements Unknown Unknown
    EFMB: Endless Forms Most Beautiful Locomalito/RGCD Unknown Unknown
    Egypt Reels of Luxor FREE MobileAmusements Unknown Unknown
    EMUya Oriku Retro Unknown
    EnbornX Lantansia Unknown Unknown
    Endless Maze NyaaLabs Unknown Unknown
    Enemy of the Solid State bentosmile Sandbox Unknown
    enyo JslGames Unknown Unknown
    Escape Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd. Puzzle/Trivia Unknown
    Escape From Space leihwelt games Unknown Unknown
    Esmeo Carved Games Sandbox Unknown
    Esperanto-radio Muzaiko Chuck Smith Unknown Unknown
    Euchre Lonewolf Studios Unknown Unknown
    EVAC Hexage Arcade/Pinball, Retro Unknown
    Executive Star James A. Coote (OUYAForum) Sim/Strategy, Play w/ Friends Free to play currently (As game expands and eventually becomes a paid game Tutorial will be free as well as 3 offline plays Otherwise an online check at startup is required - developer is exploring a safe way to extend offline play)
    Exilio Pixel Stag Studios Unknown Unknown
    Experiment Headup Games GmbH & Co. KG Sandbox Unknown
    Fallen Heroes PHD Gaming LLC Role-Playing, Play w/Friends Unknown
    Farm Invasion USA HandyGames Short on Time? Unknown
    FAST FAST LASER LASER Utah Raptor Games Sandbox Unknown
    Fenix Box Green Lava Studios Unknown Unknown
    Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold - Episode 1 Replay Games Retro Unknown
    FilePwn littleguy77 Unknown Unknown
    Final Fantasy III Square/Enix Role-Playing Online Only (needs verification that will not work offline at all).
    FishMoto Overpowered Games Racing, Platformer, Short on Time?, Retro DRM-Free
    FLASHOUT 3D Jujubee S.A. Racing Unknown
    Flip Riders Bad Juju Games, LLC Retro, Play w/Friends, Racing Offline-working unlockables
    Flipper Just A Pixel Unknown Unknown
    FlipPix Art GabySoft Unknown Unknown
    Flixster Unknown Unknown Unknown
    Flying Car Cameron Brown Racing Unknown
    Follow Me Unfoil Unknown Unknown
    Foresight Matt Oakes Unknown Unknown
    Forsaken Planet LOOT Entertainment Play w/Friends, All Ages, Fight! DRM-Free (Game is online, but no checks or authorizatons are performed)
    FP Runner Norwind Interactive Ltd Sandbox Unknown
    FPse for OUYA (PS1 Emulator) EMUSOFT App, Retro Unknown
    Freecell Solitaire Nickel Buddy Unknown Unknown
    Freedom Fall Stirfire Studios Unknown Unknown
    Frenbee Group Talk Fresvii, Inc. Sandbox Unknown
    Frozen Bubble Aleksander Fedorynski Unknown Unknown
    Galaxoid Jacob Davis Retro, Arcade/Pinball, Kids List DRM Free! Although, without a connection you can't access online leader boards.
    GAME.minder Handelabra Studio Unknown Unknown
    Game Catcher! MegaToxic Unknown Unknown
    Gamius Type IV Michael A. Hawker Retro, Short on Time?, Arcade/Pinball, Play w/Friends, Retro Unknown
    Garnatron PiX Juegos Arcade/Pinball, FPS/Shooter, Retro DRM-Free
    Gaurodan Locomalito Unknown Unknown
    GBA.emu Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    GBC.emu Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    Get On Top! Deep Plaid Games Sandbox Unknown
    GemCrazy Thomas Morgan Unknown Unknown
    gemHEX Jay Griffin Unknown Unknown
    Genius Greedy Mouse Space Fractal Unknown Unknown
    Genocide Circuit rebuild disableInterrupt Unknown Unknown
    Gentlemen! Lucky Frame Unknown Unknown
    Get On Top! Bennett Foddy & Deep Plaid Games Unknown Unknown
    GET TO THA CHOPPA!!1 SO SO DEV Games Short on Time?, Platformer, Arcade/Pinball Purchase unlocks the online leaderboards only. Game is fully playable offline.
    Giana Sisters Kaasa solution GmbH Platformer Unknown
    Gladiator DinoMage Games Unknown Unknown
    Globulous Firestarter Games Sandbox Unknown
    GnarBike Trials Gnarly Games Unknown Unknown
    God of Blades White Whale Games, LLC Fight! Unknown
    Grand Truckismo TurboNUKE Unknown Unknown
    GraveStompers Zombie vs Zombie Mad Menace Entertainment, LLC Sandbox Unknown
    Gravi Hashbang Games Unknown Unknown
    Gridlock Ludometrics Unknown Unknown
    Grid Racer blue banana games Unknown Unknown
    Groin Gravitators Hulk Handsome Unknown Unknown
    Grow Epic Pixel LLC Arcade/Pinball, Meditative, All Ages Unknown
    Guns'n'Glory WW2 HandyGames Sim/Strategy Unknown
    Gunslugs Orangepixel Arcade/Pinball, FPS/Shooter Unknown
    Hamster Hellstorm Icicle Games Unknown Unknown
    Hand Ball unfoil Unknown Unknown
    Happy Trip - Isla del Sol Aquariumy Studio Unknown Unknown
    Hard Time MDickie Unknown Unknown
    Heavy Recoil Wide Pixel Games Unknown Unknown
    Hexicheckers Free Federmeyer Software, Inc. Sandbox Unknown
    Hellworm Evgiz Unknown Unknown
    Hidden in Plain Sight Adam Spragg Play w/Friends Unknown
    High Flyer Death Defyer Game Mechanic Studios Unknown Unknown
    Highway Rally Spil Games Racing Unknown
    Hipster Zombies! Sharkbomb Studios Unknown Unknown
    Ice Nexrus Unknown Unknown
    Ice Rage Mountain Sheep, Inc. Sports, Fight!, Arcade/Pinball, Play w/Friends Unknown
    Igloo Command DELUXE Robysoft Unknown Unknown
    iJezzBall Pixio Retro, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    iMech Online Mobula, Inc. Dual Stick, Sim/Strategy, Play w/Friends, Fight!, FPS/Shooter, Arcade/Pinball, FPS/Shooter Unknown
    iStoryBooks iMarvel Unknown Unknown
    Ittle Dew Ludosity Unknown Unknown
    Jack N' Jill Rohang Narang Unknown Unknown
    Jelly Bounce 3DiVi Company Platformer Unknown
    JNKPlat Jayenkai (Real World name is James Gamble) Sandbox No DRM. He doesn't do DRM. DRM can smeg off lol.
    JSIDD Code Factory O JSIDD Short on Time?, Puzzle/Trivia, Retro, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Jumpmaster Steamy Rice Unknown Unknown
    Jump To Win! Gak Amok Games Unknown Unknown
    Kainy Jean-Sebastien Royer Sandbox Unknown
    King of Booze Daygames Play w/Friends Unknown
    King of the Hill 9Volt Software Sweden Racing, Short on Time? Unknown
    Kinito Ninja Delirium Studios Evolution S.L. Platformer, Retro, Arcade/Pinball, All Ages, Fight!, Short on Time? Unknown
    Knightmare Tower Juicy Beast Studio Short on Time?, All Ages Unknown
    Kung Fu FIGHT! Nostatic Software Unknown Unknown
    Labyrinth Wall Pusher BluMed Unknown Unknown
    LaserDoodle LavaCat Meditative, Dual Stick, All Ages, App, Short on Time? Unknown
    LavaCat PockCake Unknown Unknown
    League of Evil Noodlecake Studios Platformer, Fight!, Retro, Short on Time? Unknown
    Legends of Yore Coke And Code Unknown Unknown
    Lemming Rampage 2 Rarebyte Platformer, Racing, All Ages Unknown
    Mad Monkeys Glenn Bacon Fight! Unknown
    Marble GoGo Carved Games Sandbox Unknown
    MazeCity Quaternion Studio Sim/Strategy, Puzzle/Trivia Unknown
    MD.emu Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    MemMatch Nooskewl Sandbox, but will be in Meditative, Card/Casino, All Ages DRM-Free
    Midnight Tinkering Combat Demonstration Midnight Tinkering Fight! Unknown
    Minisquadron Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd. Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Mirrormoon EP Santa Ragione Unknown Unknown
    Monocle Man Team Monocle Platformer Unknown
    Monster RPG 2 Nooskewl Role-Playing, Retro DRM-Free
    Moonlight Walks American Bishoujo Unknown Unknown
    Mosaic 50Ply Sandbox Unknown
    Mrs. Dad vs. Korv Redgrim AB Unknown Unknown
    MSX.emu Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    Muffin Knight Angry Mob Games Sandbox Unknown
    Multispace Kanki Bros Dual Stick, Play w/Friends, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Mupen64Plus (N64 Emulator) Paul Lamb Retro Unknown
    Natural Soccer Sports, Retro, Play w/Friends, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    nds4droid Jeffrey Quesnelle Retro Unknown
    NEO.emu (Neogeo emulator) Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    NES.emu (NES emulator) Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    NGP.emu (Neogeo Pocket Color emulator) Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    Ninja Twins Kronbits Unknown Unknown
    No Breaks Valet Captain Games Short on Time?, All Ages Unknown
    Nostalgia Zamastyle Retro One time online check and then local authentication after that
    N.O.T.T.U.B. Distractionware Unknown Unknown
    Nyan Cat! Marc Ellis Unknown Unknown
    Oiche Mhaith Distractionware Limited Sandbox DRM-free
    One Tap Hero Coconut Island Studio Platformer, Puzzle/Trivia Unknown
    OpenArena: OUYA EDITION Gamesboro FPS/Shooter, Play w/Friends, Fight! DRM-Free
    OPTA-X Multiplayer (BETA) onemultimedia Unknown Unknown
    Opposites Dannobot Games Unknown Unknown
    Orbiter Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Organ Trail: Director's Cut HatsProductions Retro, Sim/Strategy, Retro Unknown
    Panic Flight Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd. Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Padcut Quantumfrog Unknown Unknown
    Paper Wings Tokkao Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    PCE.emu (TurboGrafx 16/PC-Engine Emulator) Robert Broglia Retro DRM-Free
    Peaces in KaIsland KobraStudios Unknown Unknown
    Phoenix Revival Syraca Studios LLC FPS/Shooter, Role-Playing, Arcade/Pinball, Adventure Unknown
    Pinball Arcade FarSight Studios All Ages, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Pingo: Puzzle poker 1-Pup Games Card/Casino, Puzzle/Trivia Unknown
    PiX Bros PiX Juegos Arcade/Pinball, Retro, Play w/Friends DRM-Free
    PiX Dash PiX Juegos .... DRM-Free
    PiX Frogger PiX Juegos .... DRM-Free
    PiX Pang PiX Juegos Arcade/Pinball, Retro DRM-Free
    Pix'n Love Rush Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd. Arcade/Pinball, All Ages Unknown
    Pixel Pig Deluxe Smorpheus Games Laboratory Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Plex Plex, Inc. App Unknown
    Pocket RPG Tasty Poison Games Unknown Unknown
    Polarity Bluebutton Games Puzzle/Trivia, FPS/Shooter, Platformer DRM-Free
    Potatoman Seeks The Troof Pixeljam Unknown Unknown
    Postal Samurai Ouya Roa Game Studio Unknown Unknown
    Power Ups that Kill! Steven Hanus Short on Time?, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Proton Pulse OUYA PushyPixels LLC Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Puddle Neko Entertainment Puzzle/Trivia, Platformer Unknown
    Push the Fluffies Magory Unknown DRM-Free (apart from being online when buying)
    Puzzle 2 HD Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd. Puzzle/Trivia Unknown
    Questria: Rise Of The Robot Skullfaces Unknown Unknown Unknown
    "Quiet, Please!" Nostatic Software Unknown Unknown
    Quintet AwesomeApps Unknown Unknown
    Quizania Alienman Tech Sandbox Unknown
    Radiant Hexage FPS/Shooter, Arcade/Pinball, Retro Unknown
    Rage Runner Hypercane Studios Short on Time?, Sim/Strategy, Racing, Arcade/Pinball, Sim/Strategy, Arcade/Pinball Does a 1-time online check and then caches the info
    Ravensword: Shadowlands Crescent Moon Games Adventure, Role-Playing Unknown
    Red Knife Media Dual Stick, Play w/Friends No internet connection involved
    Regular Ordinary Boy Matt Dalgety Platformer, Role-Playing, Arcade/Pinball, Retro Unknown
    RetroArch Libretro Retro DRM-Free
    Riding Rhodri Steven Hanus Platformer Unknown
    Ripollés' Nightmare PiX Juegos Retro, Play w/Friends, Fight!, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    roboXcape Marco Giorgini Production Arcade/Pinball, Adventure Unknown
    Rose Corbomite Games Role-Playing Unknown
    Rose and Time Sophie Houlden Unknown Unknown
    Rush Bros. XYLA Entertainment LLC Play w/Friends, Racing, Platformer Unknown
    Sansarom 3D schoendevelopment Meditative, All Ages, Adventure, Platformer, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Saturday Morning RPG Mighty Rabbit Studios Role-Playing Unknown
    Save The Puppies HandyGames Short on Time?, Puzzle/Trivia, All Ages Unknown
    Sci-Fighters Headup Games GmbH & Co. KG Fight!, Play w/Friends Unknown
    SDI 3D Kangaroo Punch Unknown Unknown
    SHADOWGUN MADFINGER Games, a.s. FPS/Shooter Unknown
    SharkSketch shark apps, LLC Founders, Sandbox, App One-time check
    Shuttle Rush Takusan Works Platformer Unknown
    Sky Arena Hammer Labs Sandbox Unknown
    Sky Maze 3D Karga Games Platformer Unknown
    Sleighrunner Bluebutton Games Arcade/Pinball & Adventure Genres One time check then purchase is saved locally.
    Snes9x EX Plus Robert Broglia Retro DRM-FREE
    Sophia's World Jochen Heizmann, Intermediaware Sandbox Unknown
    Space Ape nonPareil Institute Sandbox Unknown
    Space Buggers Kanki Bros Dual Stick, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Space Repair Inc. Yobonja Sandbox Unknown
    Space Roads Wurd Industries Racing, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Space Sokoban Quaternion Studio Sim/Strategy, Puzzle/Trivia Unknown
    Spin wars Brightside Games Play w/Friends, Fight!, FPS/Shooter, Arcade/Pinball, FPS/Shooter Unknown
    Square Off Gnomic Studios Short on Time?, Dual Stick, Play w/Friends Unknown
    Stalagflight Jacob Korsgaard Platformer, Arcade/Pinball, Play w/Friends Unknown
    Star Shipping Inc. Corbomite Games Sim/Strategy Unknown
    Striker Soccer Euro 2012 U-Play online Sports, Play w/Friends, All Ages Unknown
    Stupid Zombies 2 GameResort LLC Arcade/Pinball, FPS/Shooter, Short on Time? Unknown
    Subatomic Kangaroo World Tour Tyrus Peace Arcade/Pinball, Platformer, FPS/Shooter Unknown
    Super Crate Box Vlambeer Platformer Unknown
    Super Daddio 2 Glenn Bacon Platformer, Retro Unknown
    Super Robot Space Fight! Tyrus Peace Sandbox Unknown
    SuperGNES (SuperNES Emulator) Bubble Zap Games Retro Unknown
    Survival Mason Barry Short on Time?, Retro, All Ages, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Swindler Open Mind Gaming Short on Time? Unknown
    SXP Hauschild Sandbox Unknown
    Syder Arcade Studio Evil Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    The Ball Tripwire Interactive Puzzle/Trivia Unknown
    The Bard's Tale inXile entertainment Role-Playing, Adventure, Role-Playing Unknown
    The Life Of A Pacifist bentosmile Sandbox Unknown
    The Little Crane That Could Abraham Stolk Sim/Strategy, All Ages Unknown
    The Lost Heroes - Magory Magnesus (ouyaforum) Sandbox Currently free (Author states that when the game is expanded will include; cached authorization for unlimited offline play.)
    The Vestibule Project BC Meditative, Short on Time?, Retro, Puzzle/Trivia Unknown
    Those Darn Nipples! Hulk Handsome Unknown Unknown
    Tower Invaders 2 broken byte Sandbox Unknown
    Tower Master Triangle Studios Arcade/Pinball, Platformer Unknown
    TowerFall Matt Makes Games Inc. Retro, Play w/Friends, Fight!, Platformer One-time online authorization then unlimited offline play (Not yet personally confirmed)
    TuneIn Radio TuneIn App Unknown
    TwitchTV TwitchTV App Unknown
    Unstable Blocks Elusive Byte Unknown Unknown
    The Ur-Quan Masters HD Pelya Unknown Unknown
    Vault zedutchgandalf Unknown Unknown
    Vector NEKKI LTD Platformer, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Vector 360 Breakout MDEV Games Unknown Unknown
    Velocity BitCanvas Unknown Unknown
    Vendetta Online Guild Software, Inc. Sim/Strategy, FPS/Shooter, Role-Playing Unknown
    VLC Media Player for OUYA XanXic App DRM-Free
    Whack' em Perez/Sloth Unknown Unknown
    Wrecking Balls Arena Team Kakumei Sandbox (If I remember correctly, once it gets out it'll be in Play w/Friends, Fight!, and Arcade/Pinball) DRM-Free (technically you're required to be online to purchase the full version like every other OUYA purchase, but otherwise there's no online-requirement or any other form of DRM)
    WhiteWater 3D Laughing Gull Productions Sandbox Unknown
    Wraithborn Alpha Dog Games Unknown Unknown
    Wizorb Tribute Games Inc. Role-Playing, Retro, Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Word Shaker AFKSoft Short on Time?, Puzzle/Trivia, Play w/Friends Unknown
    XP1728 impulse12 Sandbox Unknown
    XBMC on OUYA OUYA, Inc. App Unknown
    XY Cannon Boris van Schooten Unknown Unknown
    YOU DON'T KNOW JACK Jackbox Games, Inc Puzzle/Trivia, Play w/Friends Unknown
    Zeus vs Zombies Heavy Plasma LLC Unknown Unknown
    Ziggy Putts phime studio Unknown Unknown
    Zombie Arena Studio 3D Unknown Unknown
    Zombie Driver HD EXOR Studios Racing, Arcade/Pinball, FPS/Shooter Unknown
    Zombie Outbreak Little Cloud Games Play w/Friends,Arcade/Pinball, FPS/Shooter Unknown
    Zombies & Trains! Dragonhead Games Arcade/Pinball Unknown
    Zombies on the Run MDEV Games Unknown Unknown
    Name Developer Location DRM
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    maybe put this in a google docs that people can update - and that yellow font is hard to read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnyusc View Post
    maybe put this in a google docs that people can update - and that yellow font is hard to read.
    If you'd like to do so you're welcome, I'm not really proficient in all online documents stuff (and actually avoid it to be honest). And I'll link it here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by T3KN0GH057 View Post
    Final Fantasy III Developer: Square/Enix Location: Role-Playing DRM: Online verification each launch.
    I think it's worse than that. Doesn't it quit if your net connection drops?

    Anyway, we may see aspects of the DRM issue differently, but this is a valuable thread. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alo View Post
    I think it's worse than that. Doesn't it quit if your net connection drops?
    Don't know any further than what people have told me, as i didn't bother to purchase it (Me and square already butted heads with their DRM for Final Fantasy VII update for PC. And hearing of their DRM in this i decided not to buy and save myself the time of making them refund my money... AGAIN, though i have to admit they were quick to refund my money, less than 2 hours after i posted my request for refund, and apologetic that i didn't appreciate their DRM model)

    Anyway, we may see aspects of the DRM issue differently, but this is a valuable thread. Thanks.
    I don't take it personally. I'm actually in a position to not have to care about online-DRM. But I can't not care about it, because I have lived in poverty, and even worse. I'm not going to let myself forget the view from down there. Or that the people down there are good people who only want a chance to have at least a piece of what everyone else has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by T3KN0GH057 View Post
    I don't take it personally. I'm actually in a position to not have to care about online-DRM. But I can't not care about it, because I have lived in poverty, and even worse. I'm not going to let myself forget the view from down there. Or that the people down there are good people who only want a chance to have at least a piece of what everyone else has.

    THIS!!!! This is how I feel in regards to game pricing. It guides my decisions when it comes to my projects. I'm tired of the industry trying to loot and pillage the wallets of customers while not making enough diverse content for people from all walks of life. I have also had a very diverse life, living in some situations that most people only see in TV shows. Somebody has to start fighting for gamers who just cant afford premium content.

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    I'm a fan of this. I will update after I get the required info together!
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    Quote Originally Posted by T3KN0GH057 View Post
    I don't take it personally. I'm actually in a position to not have to care about online-DRM. But I can't not care about it, because I have lived in poverty, and even worse. I'm not going to let myself forget the view from down there. Or that the people down there are good people who only want a chance to have at least a piece of what everyone else has.
    You and me both as I understand this mentality very well. If we weren't discussing what was for dinner that we could afford. My parents were screaming their heads off throughout the house.

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    I've been slow to get the info together, I appologize. Does anyone else have any interest in this idea at all?
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    Its a good idea for everyone, players/customers can see what kind of DRM is involved with what game, before taking the plunge, and developers can see what types of DRM is in use, and whether they work or not.


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