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Thread: XBMCHUB Wizard

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    XBMCHUB Wizard

    If you are an OUYA user enjoying XBMC but having a hard time getting all the addons and repos that you want installed on there... Well we have a set up for you.

    Now if you simply get the FUSION INSTALLER setup:

    You can install the xbmchub wizard-beta addon. It will preconfigure your ouya with all the addons from

    Hope you all enjoy it

    More features to come as we can write most any location on the OUYA... so let's see what we can come up with.

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    OUYA Developer Mattyy's Avatar
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    Re: XBMCHUB WIZARD NOW With Ouya Support!

    Woooooooh that's amazing way to go xD

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    will this work with libstagefrieght alpha 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tennisbgc View Post
    will this work with libstagefrieght alpha 2?

    It will work with any version of XBMC you can install on the DEVICE. This was kind of our thought process over at XBMCHUB.COM... why make it dependent on hardware... just make it work on any installation of XBMC.

    I used it today when i installed the libstagefrite alpha4

    It is awesome and all streaming addons work now as well.


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