Hello Guys,

My name is Mido and I'm the lead developer of an indie games studio called Colony Studios. This is my first post at this forum although I have been a viewer of this forum since the beginning of OUYA.
I'm an OUYA developer who backed ouya on KS from day 1 and we were busy working on our game since then.

I have spoken to Ed before about our game and I believe he added it to the list of upcoming games to OUYA.
However, I wanted to introduce myself and our game to you guys in person and may be get some feedback from you.

The game is called Spectrum and it is a puzzle platformer game where the player is challenged with interesting puzzles in order to move forward and explore game.
It is mainly a side scroller 2d/2.5d game built using the Unity Engine.

Here's the beta trailer of our game - Spectrum.

If people are interested, I can send a special early access build (for free) to play a few levels and provide us with feedback (beta testers access).

For more information about the game, please visit Spectrum's website.
For latest updates about the game or development process, you can follow me on Twitter @Burrewo

Kind Regards,