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    New OUYA Games Announced: Silent Enemy, Hazelrun, Worm From Hell, Karmageddon Khaos +

    Eddie's Editorials #6 - By Ed Krassenstein
    New OUYA Games Announced: Silent Enemy, Hazelrun, Worm From Hell, Karmageddon Khaos, Odium & More

    Each and every day, we hear of new and exciting games that will be making their way to the OUYA. In fact, Kellee Santiago, Head of Developer Relations at OUYA just announced that there are currently 10,000 developers with the system.

    "It's really awesome, especially at this early stage of the console still being in the preview period. The last month I've been so excited to just interact with the Ouya developers who are really people who signed on to the mission statement of Ouya early on and are the people who are just as excited as we are about the platform. It's been great to hear and that the number continues to grow at such a rapid pace is very validating," Santiago told

    Just this week alone, we have discovered several great games that are coming to the OUYA. Our list of confirmed OUYA titles now stands at over 615 games!

    So let's recap a few of those games that have been announced this past week.

    - Silent Enemy by Minority Media: Fans of Papo & Yo should rejoice. This game, that comes from the same developer, looks to be an OUYA exclusive! It is scheduled to release in the 4th quarter of 2013, and "will require players to use shapeshifting abilities and the help of nature spirits on a quest to release spring back into the world". The official description of the game is as follows:
    Set in a world of endless winter, and inspired by Minority Design Director Ruben Farrus’ experience with bullies and isolation growing up in a small town in Spain, Silent Enemy will require players to use shapeshifting abilities and the help of nature spirits on a quest to release spring back into the world. The game is currently in development for OUYA and tentatively planned for release in Q4, 2013.

    - Hazelrun by Sushee: This is a 4 player race type game, which will certainly make for some awesome multiplayer gaming on the OUYA. You can expect to see new content added to the game as time goes on, which will include new levels, additional bonuses, and unpublished modes. The official description is as follows:
    Hazelrun puts the player in the skin of a squirrel which must pursue a hazelnuts owl-thief in a colourful and funny universe. The squirrel can roam indifferently on the bottom or the top of the screen and has to pass from one to another at the right time to avoid or destroy the enemies and the obstacles which show up on his passage.
    Three gaming modes are available in Hazelrun: a story mode containing more than 10 levels, an infinite mode in which the player has to run as long as possible without being hit, and a multi-players mode.
    This last mode proposes delirious bonus decorated races, decorated, up to 4 players on shared screen.

    - Odium: This is a game recently announced for the OUYA, which has some amazingly stunning graphics. The basic synopsis is to control Odium as it tries to take over the heart. This game is not ordinary in any sense of the word. You will see this the moment you begin playing. The developer called the game "Backwards" and explains this by saying, "One or more aspects of the game works the opposite as would normally be expected: maybe the controller is reversed (left is right, right is left), maybe you win lives every time you die, maybe it scrolls to the left and your character moonwalks." Be sure to check out the two videos below:

    - Karmageddon Khaos by TeamKK: This is a fan game based off of the game Carmageddon. It certainly looks amazing, and it is set to come to the OUYA soon!

    - Worm From Hell: This is a game that has been confirmed to be coming to the OUYA. Although the name may change before launch, the ideas behind the game shouldn't. In its current state, it's pretty much a remake of JTRs original Death Worm game. While the game mechanics are in place, the graphics in the video below are not yet complete.

    More on this game, and the opportunity to communicate with the developer at:

    These are just a few of the many games coming to the OUYA. See the entire list of 615+ at

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