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    Sci-Fighters - Headup Games

    As angelbacker we are very proud to announce that our first title is now LIVE in the OUYA-store: SCI-FIGHTERS


    The games idea (created by "The Impossible Game" creator FlukeDude) is as simple as addicting: Four players are set in an arena which is haunted by a monster. Each player tries to be the last man standing using classical 2d-gameplay mechanics. By using different weapons like flash grenades, a monster potion (turning the player into a monster), an ice-rifle or even an automatic laser the players are fighting for their lives over and over again. The definite highlight of the game is the multiplayer mode for up 4 players which transforms the OUYA to a real party-console. Single-players are able to train their skills by challenging the smart AI-controlled CPU-enemies.

    Sci-Fighters presents itself in a comic-like 2d-style using different settings like “Martian Mansion” or “Toxic Forest”. The game draws lovely animated characters and wonderful sceneries and background on the screen, designed by SuperFlashBros-genius Adam Vian.

    The best is yet to come: Sci-Fighters comes with all features completely free. An integrated “pay-if-you-like” menu offers the players the possibility to contribute the developers if and how much as they desire.


    • Multiplayer-mode for up to 4 players
    • 7 different weapons from flash grenade to ice-cannon
    • Bizarre characters with beautiful animations
    • 3 unique settings with different monsters, background and according ambient-music
    • Completely free playable with integrated pay-if-you-like-option

    Some Screenshots:




    Hope you all like it

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    OUYA Devotee Hanneskitz's Avatar
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    Mar 2013

    WoW! Love it.

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    OUYA Fan Haven Luckenbill's Avatar
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    Dec 2012

    I'm having a hard time picturing the gameplay. Is there a chance you'll be uploading a video?
    Haven Luckenbill - @bluecollarart -

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    OUYA Devotee Ethanol's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    New Zealand

    There's a flash version on armor games... To be honest it's "alright" though I guess it would be more fun playing with actual people.

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    Yeah you can play it here:

    Howevere it is way more fun with controllers and friends to play with!

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    OUYAForum Devotee Outlander999's Avatar
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    Jan 2013

    hm... for my taste it has a too limited gameplay, but with 4 human players could be "not bad" I suppose

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    I've played this game on the Ouya. I feel the maps are too small. If there was some larger maps the battles could be more strategic. As it is now, it seems like a mad dash to the power ups and if you are not first then you are screwed. I.e. rush towards monster potion. Ever played the Mario party mini-games with the one player controlling machines that are trying to kill the other 3 players? That map is still kind of small but the characters are smaller relative to the map so it feels larger. perhaps messing with the size of the characters could help. I like the concept of the game I just feel that as it is now, it is not much fun since it feels like the game is mostly determined by luck.

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    Thanks for your feedback. We will think about reducing the player sizes, maybe you are right and it would make the game more strategic..

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    OUYA Devotee WazMeister's Avatar
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    Jun 2013

    This don't support ps3 controllers, what a let down. No playing this at all.... Shame looks fun

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    The boys (13yrs and 9yrs) and I love it.
    Thanks very much. Loads of fun.
    Gotta find a 4th player.

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