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    Puzzle 2HD - Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd.

    This thread is for the discussion of Puzzle 2 HD and/or FREE. (note to developer - send me a private message if you would like to edit this thread)

    * No future purchase will be required (no in-app purchases).

    Stretch your skills with Puzzle 2!

    Discover a new gameplay experience with optimized controls for OUYA!

    Just move the Master Blox along the path to the yellow exit tile without getting stuck by the various obstacles. Sound simple? You will find that as you move through the levels they get more and more complex and in-turn more satisfying to complete, the slick motion control make this game is easy to play, but hard to master.

    100 levels of difficulty.
    Addictive gameplay.
    Master the game and stay on top of the world rankings.
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    PUZZLE 2 HD available on Ouya

    Hello everybody,

    I'm Alan from AMA studios, I'd like to show you a nice puzzle game for your Ouya, PUZZLE 2 HD.

    PUZZLE 2 HD, the latest in a series developed in partnership with Cocoasoft, is a fully 3D game in which the player has to guide a rectangular block through an increasingly complex maze of platforms by turning it about itself. The goal is to insert the block vertically into the box at the end of the level.

    The game boasts 100 levels, loads of teleporters, traps, floating bridges and phantom blocks, as well as many other surprises. PUZZLE 2 HD is divided into a number of increasingly difficult game universes, allowing all players - from the most relaxed to the most intense - to learn the ropes at their own pace. The game counts the number of moves required to solve the puzzle and there is always a quicker way of doing it, so it's great fun to replay levels! There is also a "random level" option for seasoned players.

    PUZZLE 2 HD also benefits from the functionality of the Papaya social network. Players can compare scores and achievements, challenge each other or chat about the game, as well as accessing a number of additional support services, recommendations and links. The Papaya team chose to feature this game and are providing help and advice to ensure its optimisation.

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    Seems like you are adding a bunch of games on Ouya Alan?

    Very nice I will give them a try

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    Hey user82,
    Yes it's quite a lot of games for a first time on the forum and it's not over yet.
    You can check out the last one : Minisquadron

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    ❤Your Heart❤

    I've tired this game out and like it for what it is. It would be a recommendation to have your kid's play and work their minds a bit. It has a fair amount of challenge and doesn't disappoint in any areas that I came across while playing it.


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