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    Bionauts Online - Hawk-i Games

    This thread is for the discussion of Bionauts Online. (note to developer - send me a private message if you would like to edit this thread)

    Bionauts is a thrilling multiplayer game of projectile strategy. Start by building your own avatar to give you the stats you want to bring to battle. Then go to battle in one of our exciting destructible levels against other players from all over the world (and even other operating systems). Launch missiles to damage other players or bunge them through the map into the abyss. Did I mention it's free? Download Bionauts now and join the fight!

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    Opening screen demands registration, "sign up" button highlights but doesn't do anything when pushed. What a shame, was looking forward to some Worms esque action

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    I had the same issue sir. I've e-mailed the dev a few times and they have yet to answer.

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    I can't get past the main menu.
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    What a shame, was looking forward to some Worms esque action?

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