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    OUYA Tidbits #4: June 4th Official Launch, PC Emulator at Launch with Duke Nukem and

    OUYA Tidbits #4 - By Ed Krassenstein
    June 4th Official Launch, PC Emulator at Launch with Duke Nukem and More

    - Duke Nukem, Commander Keen & Prince of Persia On OUYA?
    Those of you who remember playing those DOS games on your PC back in the day, will be ecstatic to know that the ConSoul x86 PC emulator should be available on OUYA starting tonight at launch. The emulator comes with Duke Nukem 1, Commander Keen 1, and Prince of Persia 1 shareware versions. So get ready for some old school gaming!

    - June 4th is the Official OUYA Launch
    Perhaps you were fooled. Wasn't the OUYA launch supposed to be today? Don't worry, you are correct, it is. However, the Official 2nd launch will be when OUYA becomes available in retail, and pre orders from retailers begin shipping. That date has been confirmed to be June 4th. (At least that's what OUYA is telling everyone at GDC). On June 4th, you will be able to pick up the consoles in retail outlets such as Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and more than likely GAME stores in the UK. It will also be available to ship from

    - OUYA is Shipping Starting Today to Kickstarter Backers!
    Today the OUYA begins to ship. We learned that not everyone's console will be shipped out today. In fact it may take weeks before they are all sent out. More details on this at in our latest OUYA News post.

    - 55 Games at launch!
    Julie Uhrman has said that there will be close to 55 games available on OUYA upon its launch tonight. We have compiled a list of over 31 games that have been seen in the OUYA store or confirmed to be available tonight by their developers. From the look of things, OUYA seems to be approving more games every hour, so that number (55) may just end up being a bit higher.

    - The UK Gets OUYA in Retails!
    Many OUYA fans in the UK were wondering if and when the console would become available at retail in their region. Well today, there was an announcement made that Game Stores will be carrying the OUYA, and pre-orders may be made online at starting today!
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    Fifty-five games at launch times(x) multiple emulators equals(=) a lot of time spent in front of the television.


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