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    Official word on OUYA shipping

    3 emails for OUYA shipments have been received since last thread update

    OUYA's twitter
    "Keep an eye on your inbox! The first @playouya shipment is en route and a steady flow will ship for the next several weeks. #ouyaGoesPostal"

    ------=Original Post=-------
    I sent a email to OUYA asking if i could pick up my ouya tomarrow at the hq and got this reply back.

    "We will begin shipping this week from a remote location, so we cannot have
    you pick up your OUYA. It will be shipped this week, and though it'll take a
    few weeks to ship all consoles, you will receive an email confirmation with
    tracking number once yours is on its way."

    This being said its official that it will take a few weeks to get all them shipped. Which is to be expected for so many units. Im sure they never guessed they would get this much backing for the kickstarter.

    I dont known if they are going to email everyone with shipping info once its out but if anyone one gets an email like this let us know.
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    OUYA Devotee dcninja123's Avatar
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    this is pure garbage. We all paid them and they can't deliver on time. Very bad showing.

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    OUYA Devotee HellRa1SeR's Avatar
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    I am used to kickstarter projects. They either go big or fail. Since OUYA ran almost 10x what they planned, they have got to ship large batches at a time. They cannot ship all at once. They'll be shipped as and when they manufacture. So this might run for a month before they start honoring the Pre-orders. Since I have also backed Pebble Watch, I know they might follow the same routine here.

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    OUYAForum Fan d_brennen's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcninja123 View Post
    this is pure garbage. We all paid them and they can't deliver on time. Very bad showing.
    I think you have chosen the wrong console tbh, or at least jumped in too soon for your sensibilities

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    OUYA Developer Rhellik's Avatar
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    So, the kickstarter batch will take a month, and then the pre-orders another month? Do they ship the pre-orders on a first-come first-serve basis?
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    OUYA Devotee Interfreak's Avatar
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    I'm SOOOOO excited about getting my console!! Who cares if it takes a few weeks? You'll get it.

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    Administrative Queen of Evil RiotingSpectre's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by d_brennen View Post
    I think you have chosen the wrong console tbh, or at least jumped in too soon for your sensibilities
    Agreed. You shouldn't expect the golden treatment from a company that's still cutting corners to save what little money they have. That and shipping across the globe would easily take a long time anyways.

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    OUYA Developer Dreamzle's Avatar
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    More to the point, I don't think you understand what Kickstarter is - you did not buy a product when you gave money to OUYA. You pledged to donate money to OUYA so that they could create something, and in return OUYA promised to do their best to give you a reward for your donation, for helping them succeed. Many Kickstarters don't even offer their product as rewards, except at the highest pledge levels. Those rewards have estimated dates for when they think they can begin shipping rewards to their pledges, and those dates are in no way promises that each individual will receive their reward by that date. OUYA has been perfectly on time with their estimations, and are still that way - they are starting to ship to customers in March, just like they estimated.

    I'm beginning to wonder if you even pledged to get an OUYA, considering how negative you seem to be abut the whole concept of OUYA, of things that they've said right from their Kickstarter video.
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    OUYA Devotee Pyrofer's Avatar
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    Tell you what, you design and build a console then ship out 80k units on the same day and tell us all how easy it was ok?
    When you have done that we will all listen to the moaning about how bad Ouya is doing it, until then shut up and be patient.

    I think the Ouya team have done an amazing job, I am very excited to receive mine and extremely pleased with it's prospects for the future.

    I had a Wii, 360 and PS3.
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    I've only played one 360 game in the last year and that was Tomb Raider.

    I won't be buying a new Xbox, PS3 or Wii U but I HAVE bought the Ouya and I am Damn proud to be supporting the future of gaming.

    Let's cut all the negativity and hate for no reason. Too many little kids on here crying because life is instant and free how they want it.

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    Here's a little perspective on this.

    Like most companies, Ouya has there devices manufactured and packaged, then those packages are shipped and stored in a warehouse somewhere. Then from that warehouse they are repackaged and labeled to be shipped to their customers.

    If Ouya has 80k shipments to send out and they pack and label one every minute it would take 1,333 hours to pack and all 80k.

    And if they worked non-stop 24/7 to package and label all of this shipments it would take nearly 8 weeks to ship all the devices.

    Everyone has to remember, it's not like they are just pulling a pallet of devices and sticking them on a truck for delivery, there's a lot of work that goes into shipping to each and every person. Although some of this may be automated, it still takes time.


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