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    Mar 2013

    Gamius Type IV - Michael A. Hawker

    Submitted and approved Truly One Button Multiplayer Shmup!

    Take control of your craft and battle your friends for points in a retro-styled arcade Shmup. Play co-op or asymmetric modes and even play four players on two controllers!

    Originally a prototype concept, it's been fleshed out and improved specifically for the OUYA launch. This version will be ONLYOUYA and free during the OUYA launch period.

    Main Controls: (just 'O' - no analog sticks here!)
    Hold - Fire Vertical Thruster
    Tap - Toggle Horizontal Thruster
    Tap + Hold - Charge Super Weapon

    Co-op play allows players to work together to control the ship's movements independently and control a Shield or a Laser.

    Multiple game options allow you to vary play and provide many possibilities:
    • Round Time
    • Number of Lives
    • Terrain Generation Style
    • Player Combat
    • Two players per Controller (4 players with Two) using O and Y

    A future update will add more, support us by downloading early! Enjoy!

    Screenshots (click for full view):
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Tiny pictures (in the embedded view; when you click on them they're fine)!

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    ❤Your Heart❤

    Just came to say that on a mobile device like an Ipod Touch, this is three pictures. Not one long one.

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    is it a Defender-like game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlander999 View Post
    is it a Defender-like game?
    Yep, definitely similar. Just more tweaked towards a one-way Shmup, then the defense/rescue goals for Defender.

    Sorry about the screenshots, first post. I'll try making it a bit nicer. Thanks for the feedback!


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