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    Ouya case mod for better ventilation

    I wanted to share some pics of a Noctua silent fan mod, with a few extras. It all started with my third Ouya that I've simply dubbed OuyaC. I plan on rooting and overclocking this guy, as it's my "testing" box. I found a random Android sticker in a drawer of stickers, so I slapped that on it.

    I like how it looks like he's saying "Ouya"

    This box has a Noctua fan installed in an attempt to cut down on noise.

    It bothers me how poor the ventilation is for the Ouya, so to help, I drilled some holes directly inline with the fans exhaust.

    I drilled them in a star pattern from the shaker lid of a bottle of spices.

    While I was at it, I drilled a couple holes for the eyes of the little droid, which is dual purpose. Not only does it allow a little more airflow to be pulled in directly inline with the heatsink but it also lets light out from the LED to have some epic glowing eyes. Unfortunately, my drill made a circular score mark around one of the holes, so I just did that on purpose to all of them for consistency. Makes the droid look like he's wearing glasses. Np.

    Lastly, I put a little foot on the bottom, just to get the Ouya sitting up a little higher for better ventilation. It was perfect because it doesn't block the existing slits.

    It's not ideal because it's a bit wobbly with the weights removed and all of the plugs pulling the Ouya over.

    The foot is only a temporary mod, until something better comes along.

    I've already noticed an average 20F degree drop, under the same testing.
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