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    Controller not mapped correctly?

    Hi, new to forum here and have a problem with my Ouya controller. I got it from ebay who stated it's working. The controller turns on and all buttons work, but it seems like its mapped to wrong buttons when i use it on my LG G4 phone or my Amazon fire stick. Here are the mappings that i observed. Examples of what is being identified on SNES EX+

    Button on Control = Mapped button
    LEFT JOYSTICK = Works perfectly (Up/Down/Left/RIGHT)
    DPAD UP = L2
    DPAD DOWN = R2
    L3 = L1
    R3 = R1
    U = A
    Y = C
    A = U
    O = O
    L1 = Y
    L2 = MODE
    R1 = Z
    R2 = L3

    Is there a reason why its mapped like this? I purchased another remote on Amazon and it does exactly the same thing (All same mapping).

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    Yes, there is a reason for this.

    In the android operating system there's keyboard layout or .kl files that when you plug in a user interface device such as a keyboard, or joystick. It references to that file. If it cannot find said file or the file is corrupt. It then references to a generic.kl file which works but is poorly mapped as it has zero idea of what your controller is emitting.

    The first thing you'll need to ADD the ouya controller to another android device is to have superuser access. Because you're going to be adding some files to the system folder.

    if you have an ouya, you may copy this file /system/usr/layout/Vendor_2836_Product_0001.kl and drop it onto your destrination android box keep in mind that you will need to modify line 41 for android 5.x compliance:

    key 0x13f MENU #Long Press

    If you don't have an Ouya or aren't feeling up to sitting in a text editor. I made a snapshot of this Ouya folder so i can slam all of the files into my Kindle Fire on this blog.

    simply scroll to the bottom and the download link is right there.

    Hope this answers your question.

    - S
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