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    How do you guys save money

    Just curious - how do you guys find ways to save money? Coupons or penny pinching? The hardest thing for me to do is find good clothes/video games on sale.
    I've literally resorted to penny pinching the heck out of everything I can manage.

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    I don't save any money last 6 months

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    I put money away when I want to, not because I tell myself I have to. I buy food that's due to go out of date the next day and freeze it (I can get meat and stuff for pennies. It's insane...)
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    I saved a lot of money by waiting 11 years to buy a PlayStation 3. I got the system for less than $200, and a huge stack of top-shelf games for about $10 each, on average.
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    I have the advantage of driving a company vehicle that always stops at supermarkets. Thrift stores are generally in the same parking lot as these supermarkets. Using the Mackelmore approach towards life i tend to hit a lot of thrift stores for clothing. I have amassed a Hawaiian shirts that way spent about $27 for 10 which would've been in the hundreds if i went retail. If possible go to the really nice parts of your town. The thrift stores in those areas are insane. I got half of my xbox 360 wireless controllers for $4 bucks a piece because 360 is so out of style! And a $125 midi keyboard that worked perfectly with FL-studio for $5 because it was mistaken as a children toy, lol! Also check out your universities as they will decommission computers every three years. Due to moores law slowing down on computers these guys are selling I5s for like $20-40 bucks. They won't have harddrives. but a few bucks more can solve that problem too.
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    I admit I have started taking advantage of sales even if it means not getting something until later. Use craigslist a lot more than I used to.
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    Hello all,
    I am new to forums, I also bought a new playstation recently from my savings which took me to move into discussion forums. To save money in a better way is to deposit some of the amount as a Recurring deposit in the bank for at least 1 yr. Only, this way you can save money to buy anything.

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