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    Mame4Droid(139) can't exit rom to Rom manager (all other controls work)

    For some reason now I can't leave a rom and choose a new one. I use my button for exiting, the prompt comes up asking me yes or no to exit, I highlight yes and hit enter, Yes flashes and dissapears and the rom keeps right on going. It will not exit. It use to and all my other controls are fine, I have even change buttons, used the default back button which is the select button and get the same damn thing. I uninstalled the Ouya version and put on the playstore version and same thing, works perfectly except for when you want to exit. It has to be a problem with the Ouya as the exit button works on all my other android devices with this Mame.

    Just don't understand how it can screw up when there hasn't been any Ouya updates since before the Takeover...

    Anybody else with this problem ??

    PLMK and Thanks


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    I have no problems here. Same old version of MAME I have always had. I tried SmashTV, hit the OU button, hit Exit and then chose Paperboy and exited out of it with no issue.

    Only thing I can suggest right now is to empty your OUYA's cache and see if that is mucking things up.
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