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    Controller won't pair

    I bought a used Ouya and I can't get the controller paired. It goes to the welcome page and says to press the button until the 2 middle lights are flashing. When I press the button the 4 lights flash for about 25 seconds and then just shut off. I can't bypass that page because it doesn't even have a continue button on it. All it says is Welcome and has the instructions listed in about 6 languages. That's it. I have no idea what to do to get past that page. The guy I bought it from had no issues with it and used the ouya with no problem. Shouldn't the controller already be paired if the guy was using it? Can anyone give me any help with this? Thanks

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    Keep trying. Turn on your OUYA first, let it fully boot, as in wait 5 min. The controller pairing screen is set to come up if their is no controller paired but it can take a while. Hold the controller button down until the outer lights flash and wait.
    It also might be that the controller is already in the OUYAs settings and you just have to press the button quickly once the system is running. The lights should flash sequentially and the first one should stay lit.

    If this doesn't work plug in a USB keyboard or mouse and navigate to the settings manually. There is a pair controller setting.

    Good Luck

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    What Knave said. Make sure that when the pairing screen comes up you hold down the OUYA button until not four but only two of the lights are flashing.
    If that doesn't do it then come back here and we can walk you through how to do it with a mouse.
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