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    Skully Scape by Quadrastorm

    Hello there. Welcome back to the exciting world of Killswitch reviewing games. Yay!

    (Sorry about the use of bland marketing prop but you's world, too many sensitive people...ok I just really wanted to say that so I used a lame pic)

    Back to the subject at hand. Skully Scape by Quadrastorm. (You might know the guy who made it, he goes by meganuke or so I've been told.) Can you believe the nerve of this skeleton? This skeleton is from some fancy dungeon game and is tired of dying over and over. What a pair of balls on this skeleton. So now Skully has a new plan.

    The objective of the game is to...

    Seems simple enough right? Well Skully Scape comes with 24 mind racking levels. Now you may be able to get by some of the stages without 100%ing but where's the fun in that. This game will test your reflexes and your brain. (Unless you're Skully and no longer have one). So give it a try if you like puzzle platforming games.

    Wasn't sure how to rate the game. These days people have no appetite for challenge and want to be babied.

    The things I didn't like were few and meaningless really. The game has a generic look when it comes to fonts used and the props/enemies. While it's not a game that needs to look fancy it does kind of give it a generic feel. The other thing that was weird to me was lack of music or if it's there it's very very very low (or it's my TV). The game could use some ominous, foreboding music. Like Legend of Zelda dungeons with a darker sound? There was something else I can't think of right now but they're small and don't take away from the core of the game itself.

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