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    Ouya Firmware Keeping My System Mute

    Greetings and thanks for reading. Since I know this topic has been asked a lot and usually gets the following responses as answers I'm going to begin by first listing all the things I have already done before getting into my problem.

    • I've tried going into Advanced – Audio and tweaking the settings. Doesn't work whether I raise all to max, mute all three audio levels, or some level in between.
    • I've tried doing a Factory Reset. I've also heard this discussed as a Hard Reset so if I'm wrong please reply with how to do a hard reset.
    • I've tried plugging in different HDMI cables.
    • I've tried plugging the device into different HDMI ports.
    • I've installed XBMC and KODI through Ouya's Discover section and tried fiddling with the audio settings in those two media players, unfortunately to no success.

    Now a little about my system:
    • I was a backer and this is one of the first run Ouya models.
    • Save for installing some roms directly onto the Ouya itself I've not sideloaded anything onto it before this problem started. In later attempts to remedy the situation that did call for sideloading I've also found I can load up some .apk files I got from Humble Bundle so, since beginning this little journey, I have installed a bunch of games on the system. However I've not installed anything that directly interacts with the firmware.
    • I've not applied any bluetooth devices to the Ouya.
    • When I go into the system's advanced settings and alter the notifications section I'm able to hear those sounds from the console. It's just when I try to do anything else, whether it be listening to music, playing a game, or otherwise it remains mute.
    • I'm using the same tv I had when I first got the Ouya as a backer reward and audio did work back then.

    Now for some of the things I've heard of but have not tried, and the reasons why:
    • I've heard power cycling the tv may help however I'm inclined to think it won't since the system itself is able to produce audio when I go to said notifications section in the Advanced – Sound settings. It's just everything else is muted.
    • Installing the Cryogen mod – Mostly because I've heard this may brick the system. Since the only thing that doesn't work is audio I'd rather not risk it. Additionally, I still want to use my Ouya controllers and would rather not risk not being able to due to replacing the firmware.

    Now for my problem. The Ouya is mute and nothing I've tried, save for the two methods mentioned above, seems to work. Since the device actually can output sound when I access notifications from the Advanced menus I'm inclined to believe it's a firmware issue, possibly due to the last update. However, since I'm guessing the Factory Reset works like any other computer and takes its resources from a reserved firmware backup file on the system rather than from an online source, the option I'd like to try is to download a copy of the firmware to my PC and sideload it onto the device via a usb stick. However I've not found a place where they have this particular file.

    So if you know where I can go to download said firmware or of another solution I've not tried please post it as a reply. I'm about three days into trying to make this work and would appreciate any help at this point. Thank you for reading and have a good one.

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    Hey FFSamurai05, and welcome to the forum.

    I realize you have already done this, but it still might be worth tweaking further.

    I've seen this problem years ago and I'm 90% sure it's related to XBMC.

    My thoughts are that XBMC has priority on sound controls so that the OUYA's system sound wont interrupt your viewing. Even after removing XBMC the problem persisted, so I eventually had to reinstalled XBMC and removed all plug-ins (and fittled with the sound settings) to make it work again.

    I'm sorry to say it's been too long and I cant recall exactly what I did, though this might be a good starting point to troubleshoot it.

    Good luck and if anything else comes to mind I will add it.

    Edit: You might want to look at your OUYA's sound settings as well as XBMC's soud settings.

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    Well thanks anyways man for replying. Even though the edited suggestion you added later was literally the first thing I listed under methods I've already tried and the XBMC suggestion you made is stuff I have already tried I attempted both yet again. Same result unfortunately, no sound output. Thanks anyways man.

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