About Swindler
Swindler is a fast-paced, arcade-style adventure game, made with Lucid, a two-dimensional Android exclusive, OpenGL game engine. As the dusk is setting in the Land of Aventyr, you glide through a sea of clouds, steering higher and higher into the High Skies. As captain of your crew, you mercilessly kidnap peasants and princesses to sell them for slave labor, a hefty bounty, or as a food ingredient, amassing ludicrous amounts of loot. Swindler will be one of a select few titles to be available on the OUYA on launch day. As a limited time promotion, Open Mind Gaming will be giving away a free Yeti costume to all those who sign up on the Swindler website. For more information on Swindler, and to obtain the free Yeti costume upon release visit www.swindlerthegame.com.

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