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    Devs gather. Show off your games.

    I'd post this in Ouya/Forge games sub-forum, but this is a PC game. I assume half the Ouya lurkers are game devs right? We should share our content to give each other an idea of our abilities. Maybe we want to dedicate a project to Cortex some day, but nothing is set in stone. That's fine! In this thread, we can post screenshots of anything we made. Have fun and get to know each other more.

    Here's my current Project: Darkness Zero












    So as you can tell, this is not my IP. I'm making a fan game for my friends and learning Networking code as I go. I started this project maybe 2 months ago? I've made other games with online systems before, but this is my first fully 3d attempt. I'd love to give Ouya some 3D online love someday. But honestly, I hate Forge. In fact, my Serval Controller is broken and it's too expensive to buy another. I'm crossing my fingers that Cortex will transfer to Shield. What do you think?

    EDIT: Opps. I just realized I should've posted this thread in the User Generated Sub-Forum. Would a mod kindly transfer my post there? Thank you. Hope to hear from others and see their games soon too.

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    I hate to see good games getting pulled because "It's a fan game."
    Nintendo are VERY stringent on this stuff. Just look at recent events on GameJolt, where Nintendo crawled through the entire site and got every vaguely Nintendo'ish game pulled.
    All "Fan Games", all gone.

    Use your imagination and do something different enough that it won't get pulled.
    Don't risk all that hard work because of some minor squabble with a AAA developer.
    Jayenkai : Making unpopular games for over two and a half decades!
    OUYA/Cortex/Android TV compatible .apks available here.

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    Jayenkai that means a lot coming from you. Your work ethic is phenomenal. Thank you!

    There are obvious flaws like uneven textures and blurriness that bugs me, but I still like what I made so yeah.. We truly are our worst critics. lol

    I've heard of this news too and I'm in full agreement with you. I started this before all that and I think I'll let some few fans down in the KH forum community if I don't give them a little something. It's mostly for me. I need to grow and get better at what I do. Fayju is a big inspiration of mine and I want to be able to deliver something of equal quality. My biggest thing with them is that they've lacked online and I want to surpass them in that regard. As much as I like couch gaming, I think Ouya could've really benefited from online games. It's been my obsession for the past year to learn networking code. I think if Android TV is ever going to separate itself from the stigma of "they're just phone games." it needs to bring all the same qualities consoles and to some extent PC's can give. Online is huge, I hope to see more developers embrace it.

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    My burn-off time when I need to get away from my current project is a Mortal Kombat fangame. It probably will take a decade to complete and I probably won't ever release it for fear of it getting shuttered, but sometimes you just need to do what you need to do.

    I actually wish I'd finished that TMNT fangame I was doing back in '08ish. That was pretty cool. - Updated 1/10/2016
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    OUYA games published: Shady's Poopong: 22nd Anniversary Edition, Chomperman

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    Hey Steven, share screenshots of your fan game? I love MK, would love to see what you've made thus far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltage View Post
    Hey Steven, share screenshots of your fan game? I love MK, would love to see what you've made thus far.
    add me to the list
    <Batman> Going to pitch So Many Steve to Extend. Filo with different hairstyles for each of the 27 Steves we have


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