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    The Killswitch Report: Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games/OUYA Publishing

    Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games and published by OUYA Publishing is a flashback to the 90s when side scrolling shooters were big. Those were some fun games weren't they? Well Mercenary Kings will definitely remind you of those times.

    When I say sidescrolling shooter you probably think Contra, Metal Slug and gameslike that BUT there is one more than that to this game. Yes you will run and gun for most of the game since it’s a shooter at heart.Running through caves, sewers and other places to accomplish your missions. Something you will notice is your ammo. You have an auto reload and not something you can just keep doing, you empty your clip then it takes a second or two to reload. So you will have to monitor your gun use as well as keep track of your other weapons, especially when a boss shows up.

    The game is also a "metroidvania" type game. I hate that name but that seems to be what 2D adventure games are called now. You will find yourself with sprawling maps, items to find, and hours spent collecting items to craft. Yes I said craft. You can craft new weapons, a LOT of new weapons. There is even a cat gun (I'll let you figure that out on your own).

    Mercenary Kings looks and sounds good. This game is a great example of a more modern pixel style that is pleasing to the eye. It's not your typical "let me make pixels because it's the cool thing to do." You have the characters you can use to play, the characters at your base camp and enemies that are all well done. Your crew is a motley crew of weirdos that fit well together. The enemies range from humans to animals to robots to big bosses which is kind of reminiscent of Monster Hunter or a game like that where you have huge enemies compared to your character.

    Now this game is not without it's faults. The story isn't too entertaining and the loading takes a while but these are minor nuisances. The game is drawn out by the search for stuff to craft and all that plus time limits on the missions but it's not linear so you can tackle missions in your own order to a degree.

    All in all,Mercenary Kings is a slick old school style shooter with missions.The difficulty level is pretty high for the average player but if you're used to these type of games then there shouldn't be an issue figuring it out. The game is a mix of old school shooter with RPG elements including crafting.

    By the way, this game is a multiplayer game so play with friends if you have them.

    I’m giving this game a 4 shuriken rating.
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