The red and white streak of Chicago, Fast Break zooms past the villains and is quick to defeat those who would do harm to others!

Brock Break owns a tiny karate dojo in downtown Chicago. Little does anybody know, however, he secretly has the power of super speed, and uses this power to fight crime as Fast Break!

Join Fast Break as he battles various criminals and cleans up this infested city!

  • Old school 8-bit inspired graphics, using actual 8-bit palettes and many aesthetics from that generation.
  • Play Story Mode, which details Fast Break's fight against the criminal element. Hone your skills using the Free Run mode. Or, unlock one of the many other modes, including Night Patrol and Boss Rush!
  • No in-app purchases or arbitrary wait periods in between plays. All content in-game can be unlocked by playing, and all further content is free!

Available for PC and/or Android by year's end
Available for Forge TV and Amazon Fire TV whenever GameMaker supports 'em