Well everyone I'm back, and this time I'm wondering what apps ouya users use to hide rooting of their consoles from games or apps that won't run on rooted devices. Reason
I'm asking is cause I tried a game that seemed like it would run on ouya, which is Codex the Warrior. However after installation and starting the game it spits out an error about unstable os, and I can only think it sees that my ouya is rooted, and it's preventing it from starting up.

Basically the games messages is as follows:

We regretfully inform you that Codex cannot be run properly due to confirmation of unstable factors regarding the OS of the current device. Please contact us at for any questions you may have.

I've gone and tried rootcloak, but that doesn't seem to stop the app from detecting w/e it's seeing to detect rooting of the ouya. Otherwise I think the game would run fine since it's a android tv game, that supports controllers, and it runs on android 2.3.3 and above. There was at least 1 other app shown on google play that was rated a bit better than rootcloak that didnt work either. I cant recall the name off hand but I tried that as well with no success.

So my question is if any ouya gamers out there who still use their box use any other app, or methods I might not know about to try games and apps that detect rooted devices and won't run on them? If not then getting Codex the Warrior playing seems to be a lost cause.