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    The Ouya Anywhere Thread.

    It may be a little late to the party. But since the Nvidia Sheild crowd has taken an interest in this app as of late this would be a good thread to start up. It's a neat hack to do just to see if whatever android device you have can actually load Ouya Games and play them. It's very buggy and due to the nature of the Ouya Controller design not all games will work coming out of the gates.

    1. An android box/phone/tablet with version 4.1 or higher on it
    2. Make sure the android box is rooted with SuperUser rights active. This is important as not having it installed will block Ouya Framework from accessing your system and could prevent DRM content in purchased software to not show up correctly. We can't explain how to root everything as there is far too many variables between all android devices.
    3. You may also need to get BusyBox if you intend to install the Ouya Controller onto your Android as the ADB code will pass certain unix commands.
    4. A Joystick/GamePad - Preferrably an Ouya GamePad however mileage and compatibility will very greatly with others.

    As always, the internet and denizens there-in take zero responsibility for any mental, financial, or physical damage that could occur when trying any type of hack be it software or hardware. All hacks are on an AS-IS basis and use at your own risk. If it does burst into flames be sure and take pictures. YouTube loves that kind of stuff.

    For those who do not know what Ouya Anywhere is here you go -

    Links are broken on the Wiki so the links to the three APKs you will need will need will be placed on a neutral dropbox link. I unfortunately cannot upload anything more then 10mb attachments directly to the forums as that would be the most ideal to prevent link breakage.

    Go get and install the files!
    External DropBox link to OuyaAnywhere APKs.
    Install all three APKs on your destination android device.

    Make a shortcut:
    If your android device does not have a "MAKE" section similar to Ouya or Shield. You may have to generate a shortcut for the Ouya Launcher to appear on your desktop. QuickShortCutMaker from Google Apps will do the trick. I have not figured out a good way of passing the array of intent variables using 'am broadcast' via ADB yet so no raw shell approach as of yet.

    Extra Credit: Get your Ouya Controller working!

    Link to modified .KL file.

    Upload this to your android to your directory of choice and use ADB to push it into your system. for reference we will assume the uploaded kl resides in /sdcard/download/ . ADB shell into your android box and type the following:

    mount -o remount,rw /system
    cp /sdcard/download/Vendor_2836_Product_0001.kl /system/usr/keylayout/Vendor_2836_Product_0001.kl
    chmod 644 /system/usr/keylayout/Vendor_2836_Product_0001.kl
    You may get GamePad Tester from Google Play to verify your Ouya Controller is operational.

    Explanation of .KL file modification:

    For those curious. I modified line 41 in the .KL file extracted directly off of my Ouya as Ouya Anywhere on Android 5.1 does not like pressing multiple keys.

    key 0x13f    HOME ALT  #Long Press
    changed to:

    key 0x13f    MENU        #Long Press
    Failure to use this KL file or to use the KL file directly off of your Ouya with no mods will produce the errors as captured in logcat on android 5.1

    E/KeyLayoutMap(  468): /system/usr/keylayout/Vendor_2836_Product_0001.kl:41: Expected key flag label, got 'ALT'.
    and will then default to generic.kl which will suck for you.


    Since Ouya Anywhere by its very name can be installed on virtually anything Android based with a decent graphics chip-set. Post your devices that you managed to get Ouya Anywhere crammed onto and games that you tested below.

    I know I know. Razor is working on making their own version of this. They're taking their sweet time!
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    Amazon Fire 7" results on OuyaAnywhere

    My "Pic's or it didn't happen" proof.

    Amazon fire tablet that was on sale for $39. Tested Ouya Anywhere in FireOS 5.1.1 as well as CM12.1 Both work good. Bluetooth is good. Link here to show software mod progress with the Kindle Fire.

    Ouya Discover Store: Videos and preview pictures do not load. This is actually a blessing due to the nature of Ouya Anywhere. Discover Store fonts are at nominal size to that of the Ouya Console. Everything loads very nicely underneath CM12.1 . Just like other CyanogenMods the Ouya "U" button is linked to the launcher menu which can make game compatibility a little tough.

    Towerfall - works
    Knightmare Tower - DRM passed - Works
    Duck Game - DRM passed - Only gets up to main screen, needs either Ouya button or 'start' button on a Xbox controller for it to be playable.
    BombSquad - DRM surprisingly passed! Dev must have updated code for it to work with razor- Works
    Stalagflgiht - Black screen at startup however when you press the button game fades back in and is perfectly fine afterwards.
    Inferno2, - Boots to welcome screen but for some reason Ouya Controller is locked out.
    R0x - Works!
    Ballistic - DRM passed - Works
    Inferno+ - DRM passed - Works
    Meltdown - DRM passed - Works , cloud saves no longer exist so you may have to start over.
    Super Indie Karts - Game loads but Ouya Controller non-functional.

    Note: DRM pass confirmation is only entered in if game gives a notice stating that you have purchased/unlocked the game or if level restriction is no longer present.

    Additional Notes: Posted an article on my personal site about installing Ouya Anywhere as well.
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    Hmm. I may have to try this on my wonky chinese Android box.
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    Also, I tried this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Android 4.1.2 with superuser enabled) and got the same results and performance as my kindle fire.

    Tried this also on a CyanogenMOD'ed Cm11 GameStik . It works, but major performance issues and crashing in the 3-d games. However since the GameStik controller had a start button i was able to play DuckGame on it.
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