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Holy crap! This reminds me of Faceball. Love the look.

Your best bet would be to contact Tim Graupmann over at Razer/OUYA to find out about the buffers. He's a wizard.
Cheers DrunkPunk, I checked out Faceball on youtube and I can definitely see the resemblance.

So recently I have got the Quaternion rotations working, this has made my hud a lot easier to manipulate I have hence got the health bar working, it currently just cycles up and down from 100% to 0% and back but the principle is there.

I am now experiencing some flickering which I have to look into though, there's always something lol.

I have also started on a menu system when the game loads, I am pretty pleased with it so far even though it's not fully implemented, see screenshots

Main Menu:

Settings menus:

Health bar at approx 55%:

Health bar at approx 30%: