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I'm a bad man.

I got bored of waiting for the Forge TV discount (the UK release was six months late as it was!) and I spent the money I'd saved on an Amazon Fire TV instead, lol!

Thought you might like to know that Clickteam have released a Fire TV/Android controller extension (sold in the Clickstore) which should map the buttons correctly for the Forge (or other Android TV boxes).

Unfortunately I haven't got it working yet, my builds fail as soon as I use the Fire TV object, but I think that's just me.

Once I get an Android TV game to build, I'll try submitting to Forge and if it works I could let you know.

Do you have a link to the Android exporter update?

Is it the latest release or Beta?

I don't think button images should be too much of a problem: apart from OUYA, Android consoles tend to use ABXY.

So I'd include an OUYA object condition 'Is device an OUYA'? > No > Destroy 'OUYA buttons' + Create new object 'ABXY buttons' at 'OUYA button's' coordinates.

Anyway, back on topic, good luck with your games, pal, they're looking good.

I've got $2 left of credit on my OUYA account so I'll probably buy this or Mr Monacle.
i got given an Amazon Fire TV from Amazon, but as i didn't have a way of getting Clickteam stuff to work on it at the time i got bored and to be honest didn't enjoy the console much. Just had a look at the controller object which is cool, but not sure i would pay $20-25 for it, unless i had a good console which could get me the income we had from Ouya.

Will be great to know when you get something on the Forge. I don't have the link, but it is the latest Beta version on the forum. We love all the games we release, but if you have $2 to spare i can tell you that there is more content in Mr Monocle as the latest update has 10 levels