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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldon.McGuinness View Post
    Agreed, or at least have it pick the games and cache the data when the game is LAUNCHED instead of when the menu comes up.
    That would be better but they just feel like poorly implemented targeted ads that at most give recommendations that are the equivalent of the dev pages. I don't want ads in my "default pause menu" that became a default pause menu because there is no enforced standard for a pause button and I don't want to try to find the correct one when I hear the most terrifying scream across the house,"Honey!". So, I use the default one that is still not very user friendly. They can turn featured into personalized targeted adds if they want but my pause/system menu button should open up to needed functions and do so easily. It could just open up to a clone of the game description page with the extras like sleep, turn off controller, rantings, etc. added and have those things also in the game description pages even if I'm not viewing them while paused. That would kill two birds with one stone because you could leave ratings in game description pages because they would be identical to the pause/system menu for that game.

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    Great idea this, its hard without feedback, star ratings alone don't help a developer to improve.
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