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    OUYA Developer Eldon.McGuinness's Avatar
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    Oct 2013

    Dismiss / Remove Old Crash Reports OR Show Changes In Numbers

    Hey all, perhaps there is a way to do this that I have not yet found, and if that is the case please let me know, but I would love to see a way to dismiss or hide old crash reports on the "Analytics" site. As the target reports are likely old, and hopefully resolved , but all reports stay there with a running count, which is nice, but detracts from the more current issues.

    An alternative to just hiding/deleting the reports would be to see a "change" number next to the crash report number so devs can see if there was a change in the number of crashes for a particular report. Again, in this case the only way a dev can tell is if they remember the previous number for each line. I think the update number would be fine as a daily reported change, so that it stays relevant to the issues that devs are looking for and does not get stale like the current total number.

    An example of the change :

    C'mon guys, love it or hate it, let's show OUYA what we do or do not want them to work on. If we don't provide feedback the we have no leg to stand on when we complain that we do not get what we want.
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    Dude I had them clear out my crash history once. It made literally no difference a week later because people continue to run old versions of the app so long fixed crashes continue to populate there. Ive adapted to downloading the csv and using filtering just look at the latest. The actual data provided has significantly improved and it actually has dates now. I really wish they would just remove the ones from the web page that arent related to the latest release. I dont want other versions removed from the csv because it allows me to see beta reports as well. I think the best scenario would be only show the current version in the webpage and show everything within the last 60 to 90 days in the csv.
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