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    Hey NeedleBanger,

    Thanks for narrowing that down. I went and powered up my OUYA and did some tests.

    With the XBMC app from Discover, you can get it to crash or quit with the trackpad. It didn't happen didn't happen instantly, but I was able to get it to often enough.

    I thought I caught a little option popping up at one point. I think it might not be so much that it's crashing that it's triggering some quit button or option. Though, I was able to use the trackpad to navigate through XBMC, and at some points, it quit during that. So it might just be crashing. At some points, it would take a good bit of playing with it to do it though. So a brush might not trigger it every time.

    Maybe I've never really brushed the trackpad while playing, or maybe I did and it was an instance where it didn't trigger a quit or crash. Or maybe it did and I just didn't notice the two in conjunction and figured it was just being stupid. Maybe it's update related. Dunno.

    Regardless, it seems no one else noticed it. xD So good job, NeedleBanger.

    I didn't seem to have any such issues with the Youtube app from Discover. However, I did manage to get it to zoom in and could not get it to go back.... Not without quitting it, at least. Probably not a good feature to have at all. xD Don't really see the need for zoom.

    Testing with my PS3 controller wirelessly, it powers off when the system powers off (from the long power press or the semi-long one and hitting OK to power off). It still does not power off when you put the OUYA to sleep (either from menu or the quick press of the power button), nor from choosing the option to shut off the controller from the menu. This is the same as from the last I tested it. Didn't bother to test the PS3 controller button power off, but if that doesn't work, then that's a controller issues anyway. xD

    I'm in the US, and my OUYA is the black 16 gig, so of the newest models (as is my OUYA controller). The PS3 controller says:

    IC: 409B-CECHZC01

    And I make out the number beneath serial code thing (it's kinda faded) to be:

    So if PS3 controllers are behaving differently for different people, maybe we can figure out if they're certain kinds that do that.

    More testers! xD

    UPDATE: In XBMC, if you go into System settings, Input devices, you can disable mouse and touch support. I'm not sure how much it actually helps (as I was still able to get it to crash), but it seems to at least make it a little harder. I thought it might fully disable it, but the trackpad seems to be able to click and stuff again if you play with it enough, though seemingly not right away.
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    Ok first & foremost I'm going to go right ahead and say that I'M AN IDIOT.

    1. I only experience frequent crashes from the touchpad during XMBC, so I hardly see how that's an OUYA specific problem.

    2. This one is the kicker... I didn't even know that pressing the power button quickly on the OUYA doesn't shut it off. I even read somewhere that these machines have minimal fan efficiency and shouldn't be left running for long periods of time. I've probably accidentally had mine turned on for the last 3 months, cool man!

    Well thanks so much for the help, now my PS3 controllers turn off when I hold down the power button.

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    It's OK, NeedleBanger.

    OUYA, inc. put out the XBMC app in Discover, so maybe they can fix that one. Given how this thread's been, it seems you might be the first to notice the problem, whether it's always been there or if it's related to updates.

    With the PS3 controllers, if that's the case, maybe the other people who are saying that it's happening to them too are having the same issue. So maybe that'll help them, too.
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