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    Interesting thoughts, but I'm here with Foppy, according to guidelines a double press will bring the rate, exit and other stuff.

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    To me, the double-press has always seemed akin to a force close. It's always seemed like an oversight to me whenever a game doesn't have an exit option. However, I didn't realize that this was the only way to rate games.

    I really wish that there were a way to write reviews, maybe via the OUYA website that would then be pulled into the details page for a game (maybe just another button along with Play, Favorite, Move, and Uninstall). Ratings don't tell me much. A game might only have two or three stars, yet it might be a game I would actually enjoy. I would prefer to know why a game received the rating it did. It would definitely help me make a more informed choice, especially for games that don't have a demo.

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    I "kinda" like some aspects of the UI, however some of them, such as the store seem very cluttered. The overlay/in-game menu is a great tool, but it needs options that devs can hook into in order to make it more useful.

    All things considered I think the OUYA UI feels like a good first version, however it still has room for improvement, which is OK. Innovation requires room for improvement, but then again responsiveness to community needs/wants is a big help as well.
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