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    Unity3d Coder Looking For Paid Work

    Hello. Everyone.

    I am Unity3d coder with applicable knowledge in C# and Javascript, and I am currently seeking quick, side jobs, or work with some up-front pay.

    I do not have video chat available to me, but I am available for communication over email messaging.

    I am currently working on the game project "Astra Etherium" for Killswitch. The forum concerning this project can be seen here. However, I may still be available for jobs you may have in mind.

    Programming Skills:
    Multiplayer (co-op and versus)
    Third-party software integration/modification
    Event/Transition Sequences (smooth level transitions, intros, outros, game over, stage clear, etc.)
    G.U.I (includes GUIText/GUITextures, UnityGUI, and NGUI).
    A custom pausing script to handle pausing all scripts, with all coroutines, while allowing to assign exceptions, with the pause menu being an exception by default.

    I am also create basic screen effects like alarms and screen-covering blasts.

    If you feel I would make a good fit, please reply, or send me a email at

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    He helped out big time, no head butting or anything like that. Good communication, gives good feedback too. Comes highly recommended by me.

    If you need some assistance, call on Donnie.
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