Hello everyone! This is to officially announce....

APK for side loading here!


credits here
(I say check it out as all the art is open game art under licenses that make it so you can use it in any game, really cool artists are linked in there)

It's early in development still but morale of the story is....

Fight your way through the Shards as long as possible. You will die eventually. That's okay . Right now nothing happens on death but later you'll get titles/achievements based on what you accomplished in life. There will be multiple races throughout the Shards but for now there are only 2, elves and orcs. You get relation with the others when you kill the one but right now relation has no effect.

Left thumbstick to move, O to attack, L/R to switch between sword, magic, and bow.
Your sword can be used to deflect magical attacks and knocks back opponents
Your magic attack temporarily stuns your enemies
Your bow has a chance to slow enemies

The more you use a weapon the better your skill at it is, so the farther you knock them back for sword, longer you freeze them with wand, and higher chance to cripple them with bow.

When an enemy dies they'll either drop gold, an upgrade for their type of weapon, or armor that increases how many hits you take.

Later on you'll be able to choose what character you play as but for right now you only have one.

Anyway hope you guys enjoy it!

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So tell me what you guys think!