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    Fortresscraft on OUYA?

    Seems like we had a visit from the developer. Not sure who or what got him to visit but he did leave us with one distinct comment and some fancy pictures.

    Quote Originally Posted by DjArcas View Post
    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about my game being still described as a 'clone' of Minecraft, but is there actually point in my spending time and effort creating a much pared-back port of FortressCraft for the Ouya?

    For some reason he thinks this forum is dead, I have no clue why when this forum is very active. If you guys want this game on OUYA then you better make some noise and show him you're here. Doesn't mean it will necessarily happen so I don't want to raise your hopes but show him we're active and that you want the game and maybe you get him thinking.

    There is also the hope that maybe it could be a launch title for OUYA 2.
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    Any mine craft style game is going to sell on Ouya. You have no competition in a market that really wants this game. People bought this console thinking mine craft would be on it.

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    It's definitely something I'd be interested in getting if it showed up on the OUYA, sold for sure if it has a demo (even if a delayed one). It seems like something I would at least try to play, but if anything, others who use my OUYA would love it.
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    Oh yes, we difintely need this! Think if this were an OYUA 2 launch title, it would draw LOTS of attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake53 View Post
    Any mine craft style game is going to sell on Ouya. You have no competition in a market that really wants this game. People bought this console thinking mine craft would be on it.
    +1. If you Port it, they will buy. Myself included.

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    The game looks very polished and we would be very honored if this game came to the OUYA.

    Come on game devs give the little guy a chance, he might surprise you.
    Demos. Who gives a shit...
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    Think of it as a new, albeit similar, project, DjArcas. (I'm aware of how much you "enjoy" revisiting old projects.)(Haven't seen you on RR in you even lurk anymore?)
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    Fortresscraft would be a massive get for Ouya. This is one of the highest selling indies on XBOX Live. Cross your fingers.

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    Port Fortresscraft over!!!!!!!

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    +1 would buy.


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